Best Baby Burp Cloths

It’s pretty obvious for many parents that their infants’ digestive systems are new and immature. Therefore, what may seem like a simple burp can lead to a mess. Note that babies don’t have the capacity nor the ability to deal with air bubbles and stomach acid reflux as effectively as teen or adult. After parents’ feed their child, they must then try to burp their babies to encourage any stray bubbles inside their little systems to exit through the mouth. Without doing this, it can cause indigestion and gas (and a whole lot of crying). With that in mind, you definitely need the best baby burp cloth to catch any unwanted drool or food that might accompany the burp of your kid.

Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn Burp Cloths

SpaSilk Baby-Girls Newborn 3 Pack 100% Cotton Burp Cloths, Pink,One Size

The Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn Burp Cloths are a set of baby burp cloths that have a 100% cotton construction. Each cloth in the set is machine washable, and they each measure 6-inches in height and 1.6-inches in depth.

Gerber Baby Boys’ Burp Cloths

Gerber Baby 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloth, Safari, One Size

If you know baby products, then you’ll know the Gerber brand name. The Gerber Baby Boys’ Burp Cloths lets parents wipe of drool and burp residue from different areas on their baby’s skin, or perhaps even on your clothes.

Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths

Burt's Bees Baby - 5 Pack of Burp Cloths, 100% Organic Cotton (1 Cloud, 1 Solid Color, 1 Honey Bee Print, 1 Stripe, 1 Alphabet Bee Print, Heather Grey)

The Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths has a super-absorbent construction with its 100% GOTS certified organic cotton material. It presents itself on the market with a tri-fold design, and you can’t go wrong with its timeless style.

What to Look For?

Perhaps the first area to think about when searching for the best baby burp cloth on the market is the material of the fabric. Know that many burp cloths will go beyond just their intended purpose, and the limitations for its usefulness are only found in the imagination of the parent. For instance, baby burp cloths can even be utilized as a small lap blanket for their little one. It can also be used to clean up smears of food or beverages when your baby decides to go wild during dinner. As such, make sure that the baby burp cloth can handle all the messes and spills you can throw at it.

Not only should the baby burp cloth be as durable as possible, it should also be pleasing to the eyes of your child. Most babies will be attracted by colorful materials that’ll allow them to stay calm and collected. If anything unpleasant catches their eyesight, then expect bawling and sometimes even tantrums to occur. Search for the right baby burp cloth that has a “friendly” design to your infant. As a result, you can clean messes without the crying involved.


If there is an absence of a baby burp cloth, you’re going to use whatever your hands can get a hold on to clean the messes of your child. It can be anything from a piece of tissue paper to your hand. If you want to keep the area (and your hands) clean while making sure that your baby stays tidy as well, then you need the best baby burp cloth.