Best Baby Pools

Summer is here again and even if almost everyone loves the sun and how joyful everything seems during this season, sometimes the heat gets too much. One of the solutions to this heat is to take a quick deep in the pool. The same is true for babies, they definitely need a splash to combat the heat; but for a lot moms out there doing this could be too nerve racking. A great solution to this is to get a baby pool. This wouldn’t be too deep and wouldn’t be harmful for your baby. Below is a list of the best baby pools in the market.

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

The major concern of parents when purchasing a baby pool is whether or not it’s safe for their child. This Intex Sunset baby pool might help ease your worries. It has soft and comfortable sides which won’t be too hard making it safe for your child if they ever hit their head on it. The bottom could also b inflated making it soft enough to sit or even lay on comfortably.

Aside from being safe and comfortable, this baby pool is also big enough to fit more than one child. This would be a great thing for play dates and if you have children around the same age. This also received lots of love from fellow parents. They love that it’s safe and comfortable. They were also impressed at it’s durability. However, the number one thing that they love about it is that it could also double as a ball pit given its size.

Intex Mushroom Inflatable Baby Pool

If you don’t want your baby to be directly under the heat of the sun; then this Intex Mushroom baby pool is a great choice for you. The mushroom top allows your baby to be protected from the sun and still have a great time outdoors. The overall look of the pool is also great at keeping babies entertained and not walk around too much.

This baby pool is also safe and comfortable for babies. It has a a soft bottom which keeps your baby safe and comfortable while thy play. It’s roomy enough to fit a baby but might be tight for toddlers so check the dimensions first before you buy it. This received excellent feedback from previous customers. They were impressed at the comfort and safety this provides. They also love the design and how great it shows on pictures. However, there were some who complained about it being hard to inflate; so getting a hand or foot pump might be essential.

Intex Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool

Intex Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool, 49" X 43" X 28", for Ages 1-3

Are your kids find of fish? Maybe you’re planning an under the sea party. If so, then this Intex Lazy Fish baby pool is the one for you. This baby pool features a goldfish making it a great center piece for parties or even for hot summers. This also has a sun shade giving your child partial protection from the sun.

This Lazy Fish baby pool is great for children ages 1-3 years old. This gives them enough space to play and not feel caved in. This also has a soft, inflated bottom making it safe and comfortable. Reviews from previous customers show that it doesn’t fall short on its promises. They loved the over all look of the baby pool. They were also impressed at how durable it is and how it could also double as ball pits.

Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool

Babies oftentimes have short attention spans and would often get bored easily. As they grow, they become even more active and would need more objects to be entertained. This would be a huge problem especially if you’re trying to keep them in place. A solution to get them entertained longer in their baby pools is by giving them ore objects that would catch their attention. This is what you’ll find in this Intex Smiley Giraffe baby pool. It has two inflatable rings and also dangling characters that create sound.

Aside from being entertaining, this is also great for those with smaller children since the water capacity is pretty minimal. It also has an inflated bottom that’s soft and safe. These great features are backed up by the great reviews it received from previous customers. They loved that it’s durable and keeps their babies entertained.

Intex Square Baby Pool

Intex Square Baby Pool - Pink

If you want something simple and has no frills, then this square baby pool from Intex is the one for your baby. This is a simple baby pool that’ll keep them cool and entertained during those warm days. It has an inflated floor and soft sides so it’s safe even if they bump on it. It could be inflated both manually or with a pump making it easier to set up.

This also got great reviews from previous customers.They loved the size and how it’s able to fit two children in it. It’s also big enough to fit a toddler so it could grow with your baby. It could also double as a ball pit for colder months.

What to Look For?

The list above would hopefully help you pin point the best pool for your baby. However, with how great the items on the list are choosing “the one” could be quite difficult. A way for you to ensure that you would be choosing the best baby pool is to know what qualities a great one should have. Being well-informed would allow you to make a smart purchase and would protect you from buyer’s regret.

  1. Safety – This is the number one concern that most parents should have. The baby pool should be soft enough that it wouldn’t be a hazard if they ever bump to the sides or the bottom of it. The water capacity should also not be too high in order for you to always have a small amount of water which would be safe for your baby. Do keep in mind that the number safety precaution is ensuring that your baby is never left alone. This beats out any safety feature that any pool might have since your attention is key in making sure that your child is safe and that you’re there to react if something bad does happen.
  2. Design – The way that the pool looks should never dictate which one you’ll get but of course everyone, even our babies, have preferences. It would be best if the pool you’ll get has the design that your baby is fond of. This would amp up their enjoyment level and would definitely bring more laughs. You should also consider getting a pool that offers other activities that could help in developing the motor skills and coordination of your baby. This would make play time more productive.
  3. Size – When getting your own pool, ensuring that the size would be appropriate for the space you’re placing it in should be a top priority. It would be a waste if you find out when you bring out the pool that it’s too big for your space. Paying attention to the size would also make sure that it’ll fit everyone that you think would want to get in. This is a bigger concern if you have more than one child.
  4. Durability- With almost everything that we buy, it’s durability should be checked. Your baby pool should last more than just a couple of uses. It should also endure being leaned on or even poked by the kids. Another test of it’s durability is if it could withstand being stocked and unused during the other seasons. To know if the pool is durable, you should check the make of it: the materials used and the stitching. Another thing you could check is the reviews it got from previous customers.


Getting a baby pool for your baby would be ideal to save them from the extreme heat during summer. This would also be cheaper in the long run than going to a pool since you only need to inflate it, put water and you’re good to go. This would also be safer for your baby since it’s not deep and has a smaller area so you’ll always be able to watch them closely. Baby pools are also great at doubling as ball pits making it a more economical choice. Aside from being a ball pit, some parents have even used their baby pools as party centerpieces and as bath tubs.

We hope that we’ve helped you choose the best baby pool that fits your needs. Just remember that a baby pool shouldn’t just last for one summer and should still be good to go for the next one. You should also look at the totality of the pool and all it’s feature. I know that it’s tempting to just choose the cutest pool that you’ll fins or the one that you think would be loved by your baby the most; but if it’s substandard or unsafe then it’s not worth it. The safety of your child be the topmost concern at all times.