Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

One thing annoying about taking hot showers is that moisture it leaves in your bathroom. This moisture can lead to bad odors that take a long time to dissipate. These bathroom exhaust fans help you speed up that process while being able to remove the odors that might linger. In additional to that, this can also help dissipate potential harmful fumes that can also threaten everybody in the house. These exhaust fans have improved to be quiet and quite stylish. The list below shows the top 3 bathroom exhaust fans that people really loved.

Air King Bath Fan

If you’re looking for a bath fan that’s worth every penny you’ll spend for it, Air King offers one for you. It’s a white polymeric grille that is made of hard-wearing and high-impact plastic housing that will ensure quiet operation and high performance. This exhaust fan operates at 90 CFM at 2.5 sones and features a unique snap-in installation system that only takes minimal effort and a few minutes to install. Each package comes with a 4-inch plastic duct collar with a back draft damper that will also guarantee draft protection. This is made to handle continuous operations.

BV Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan

Another great bathroom exhaust fan but a little bit more expensive is being offered by BV. With every single penny you’ll spend, you’re guaranteed that this fan is extremely quiet and is made with Silent-Clever technology with just 0.7 sone. This can consume an area up to 90 square-feet in your bathroom. The mounting opening measures 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches. Its height is 7.5 inches and it has a stainless-steel duct collar that’s 4 inches. The price will also guarantee that this exhaust fan is CSA and ETL approved and HVI 2100-certified. High-quality and great performance.

Hunter Home Comfort Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you’re quite stylish and want a bathroom exhaust fan that’s a bit more pretty to look at, this exhaust fan from Hunter Home Comfort will end your search. It’s not just an exhaust fan but it’s also a decorative that can go well with your bathroom. Not only that, it is also designed with a light contemporary cast chrome design with swirled Marble glass. It doesn’t really look like a bathroom fan but it can work wonders with removing the excess moisture in your bathroom. This requires two A15 60-watt bulbs for the light.

What to look for

Having different preferences from most people, you only need to look out for these things when buying an exhaust fan:

  • Material – look for a material that’s hard-wearing; the most common one is stainless-steel. This material is also rust-resistant.
  • Sound – be sure to look for an exhaust fan that’s not too noisy. It helps with keeping the atmosphere in your bathroom perfect for everyday necessities.
  • Size – you definitely have to find the right size for your bathroom to ensure quality performance.


With a lot of different bathroom exhaust fans, you have a lot of choices. Choose on that will fit and function well according to your needs.