Best Bathroom Radio

Are you the type of person to listen to the news on the radio while preparing to go to work or school in the morning? Then you know there’s one area of the house where you can’t bring your radio – the bathroom. Bathrooms are full of moisture and can (quite literally) get wet. Most radios on the market aren’t built for moist, damp, and wet environments. However, it’s in this scenario that a bathroom radio comes in handy. With the device, you can listen to your favorite radio shows, the news, traffic reports, and your favorite tracks while taking a bath or shower.

Sangean H201 AM/FM Shower Radio

The Sangean H201 AM/FM Shower Radio is a waterproof audio listening device in which you can install or place inside your bathroom to listen to AM/FM stations. It comes with 10 station presets, as well as an auto-seek feature.

Shower Radios – Hydro-Beat Illumination

The Shower Radios – Hydro-Beat Illumination is IPX7-rated, which means it’s fully waterproof. It even has Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can send tunes to it from your smartphone or mobile device.

RCA BRC10 Bathroom Clock Radio

The RCA BRC10 Bathroom Clock Radio is an ideal choice for any bathroom with its splashproof design. It’ll allow users to listen to radio news and music while showering or bathing inside the bathroom. You can even use it as a full-range speaker.

What to Look For?

Before anything else, know that not all bathroom radios are the same. There are different types of bathroom radios to watch out for on the market. However, these devices will generally fall under two major categories: DAB and/or AM/FM radios. Many modern bathroom radios will now add an additional feature to the mix – Bluetooth connectivity. With it, you can wirelessly beam your favorite tunes from your mobile device. Hence, your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer can be in your room, send your tracks to the bathroom radio, and sing along with the songs being played without so much a care in the world while you’re still shampooing your hair.

Once you’ve got the right features that you want to have for your bathroom radio, the next thing you’d want to consider is the design of the device. Note that there are plenty of designs to choose from the market. It might become confusing at first, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure the bathroom radio goes well with the décor of the immediate surroundings.

Lastly, you need to ask yourself, “How much of my hard-earned cash am I willing to spend in buying the device?” There’s a broad range of bathroom radios to choose from the market, and they have different styles and qualities. Pick the right one that fits your budget accordingly to avoid any regrets from the purchase.


Many bathroom radios will deliver the best in terms of sound quality, overall performance, and design. Just make sure to get the right unit that fits your specific requirements, especially regarding your current spending allowance.