Best Birthday Candles

Birthdays are absolutely special and must be celebrated in that way too. Other than the birthday cake, birthday candles are also the center of attention if you carefully choose the right one. Hence, birthday candles nowadays are becoming more and more surprising especially with their effects and colors. Some come in such beautiful designs and colors, some emit colorful flames, and some just really want to make people laugh. These candles last pretty long and are very affordable. They’re non-toxic and harmless, despite all the effects. The list below shows the top 3 birthday candles in the market.

RIN Magic Relighting Birthday Candles

Looking for ways to strike up the fun? RIN makes birthday candles that will forever stay lit. These candles look like ordinary candles so you’d never know. You can either mix these all up with ordinary candles or just simply use them all. These candles are designed with different colors and candle stands to help add to the disguise. Each package of these birthday candles come with 10 different and unique ones. They’re very cheap and easy to use.

Meri Meri Birthday Candles

If you want a more serious and gorgeous set of candles, Meri Meri offers you ones that are not only affordable but also look more expensive than they are. These birthday candles come in 4 different designs, silver, gold, blue, and pink. Each pack contains 24 candles that are 2 inches by 6 inches by 1 inch in size. With every design, you get to see candles that are covered in white, pink, or silver that’s embellished with specific colors of glitter. These glitters add luxury and illumination to your birthday cake. Beautiful yet affordable, right?

Grillkid Birthday Candles

Last but not the least are these birthday candles from Grillkid. These candles are perfect for any kid who wants to be amazed by their birthday cake. These candles come in 5 different colors, red, purple, green, blue, and orange. What’s unique about these candles is that they produce different flames with the same color as their wax. It contains twelve eco-friendly and non-toxic candles in each package that won’t emit harmful flames or smoke. Each candle has a burning time of 8 minutes, longer time to be fascinated by it. Use it in dark environments for best sights.

What to look for

There are so many kinds of birthday candles that you can’t easily isolate one. Here’s a list of things to help you find the right set of candles:

  • Effect – whether the candles don’t turn off or they emit a different flame, the effect has to be amazing enough to make the birthday celebrant even happier.
  • Safety – the candle must be non-toxic and harmless to everyone around, regardless of how amazing it is.
  • Burning time – this is pretty important because you might just end up with a candle that only burns up for a short time. So look for one with an acceptable burning time to keep the party going.


With these birthday candles, you won’t have to worry about such a boring cake because they already bring the fun to it.