Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Just like how smartphones are getting more and more convenient to use, we also have a Bluetooth audio receiver that will easily allow you to connect your device to hear and play music or take calls. These audio receivers are Bluetooth enabled to let you connect even when you’re 33 feet away from the receiver. They’re not bulky and they’re pretty portable. The list below shows the top 3 Bluetooth audio receivers that you might like given that they’re highly-rated and most reviewed in the market.

Mpow Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Mpow offers you a Bluetooth receiver that can help you have a more convenient way of listening to music and receiving calls from your phone. You can easily connect two devices to this receiver and is compatible with a lot of electronic devices such as phones, vehicle audio systems, and wired headphones. It can automatically pair on your previously paired devices as soon as your turn it on. It also lasts up to 10 hours with just 1.5 hours charging time. Not only that, you can connect up to 33 feet away from the location of this Bluetooth receiver.

Etekcity Bluetooth Audio Receiver

If you’re looking for a device with 4.0 Bluetooth, Etekcity is one of the best choices. You can easily connect your smart devices to this receiver with just one touch. You can also use this one for a long time, with up to 10 hours playing time when it’s fully charged. If you don’t like a bulky receiver, this one’s a really great choice because it’s portable and lightweight making it easy to carry around and tuck in your bag. You can even connect up to 33 feet away. You can also connect through jack input.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Audio Receiver

AmazonBasics also offers a very great Bluetooth receiver that still affordable and handy. You can easily connect to this receiver using any smart device that’s Bluetooth enabled. Even from 30 feet away, you can still connect easily to this, allowing to move freely as long as you’re within that range. It features a 4.0 Bluetooth A2DP technology that will help you conserve the energy that you use to allow a longer playing time. It’s very easy to use by plugging it in, pairing and playing all the music that you wanna hear. Affordable and convenient to use.

What to look for

There’s an abundance of these receivers in the market, making it a pretty difficult task to choose the best one for you. Hence, here are the things you need to look out for when buying a receiver:

  • Range – the receiver must be able to pick up even when the device connected is 20 feet away. This way, you’ll be able to move around without disrupting the connection.
  • Size – choose a Bluetooth audio receiver that’s not too bulky for portability.


These receivers will be really helpful if you choose the best one for you. They’re pretty easy to use and carry around, plus they give really great audio quality.