Best Butcher Knife Sets

Achieving the perfect meal doesn’t always fall upon the ingredients. Most of the time, when meat is involved, getting the right cuts drastically improves not only the preparation of a meal but also the overall taste and how soft it would go through the munching process. If your job requires getting the slice done, perhaps you’re looking for knives that can get the job done. If that’s the case, what you’re going to need is the best butcher knife set. While buying a single butcher knife seems to be enough, it’s not, really, you will always deal with different meat that requires a different kind of butcher knife.

Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set

If you aren’t paying attention to the type of knife that you’re using for a specific meat, you might end up struggling to slice the meat, reducing the sharpness of the knife drastically, or worst, slicing yourself due to unnecessary force delivered. But in the case of the best butcher knife set, you don’t have to worry about that since you can easily different kinds of meat with its 6-piece set. All thanks to the Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set, slicing meat has never been this easy. Available in five different color sets, the Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set includes a 3-inch paring knife, 5-inch santoku knife, -inch utility knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch chef knife, and a 7-inch santoku knife. All that with clean and sharp non-slip coating. The handles come with non-slip yet ultra-soft texture for comfortability.

Rada Cutlery Knife Set

In case you’re an aspiring chef or something similar, you’re probably looking for the right butcher knife set for beginners. Sure, looking for the tag “for beginners” seems the easy way to go, however, it doesn’t’ really offer the basic knife set that you’re going to need. In this case, though, you’re better off with the Rada Cutlery Knife Set. Available in black and silver handles, the Rada Cutlery Knife Set is the perfect starter knife set. The Rada Cutlery Knife Set includes seven pieces of knife – regular paring, tomato slicer, vegetable peeler, super parer, cook’s knife, slicer knife, and a 6-inch bread knife. Moreover, it can also be an ideal gift for moms out there.

Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705

Despite the emergence of modernized butcher knife set, still, nothing beats the classic and the old-school butcher knife set. One of the known manufacturer when it comes to unmatched sheathed is Japan. And if you’re knowledgeable about the kitchen world, the Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705 might be familiar to you. The Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705 features the wooden handle built in a sleek manner along with razor sharp blade. The Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705 consists of 8-inch slicing knife, 3.25-inch paring knife, 4-inch paring knife, 7-inch butcher’s knife, and 6-inch boning knife.


As we round up the top three butcher knife set, the best butcher knife set is Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set.