Best Car Air Purifiers

For a lot of people, their car is almost like a second home. We spend a lot of time inside our cars especially during traffic jams and long car rides so it’s important that we keep our cars clean. Oftentimes, car air fresheners could be quite overpowering and not really fits the preference of a lot of people. Because of this, people try to stay clear from air fresheners. However, if your car does start smelling there’s a great alternative to air fresheners and these are car air purifiers. These do not exude smell most of the time but instead it just cleans out the air to get rid of the stench. Below is a list of the best car air purifiers in the market.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag for Cars, Closets

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. Odor Eliminator for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas. Charcoal Color, 200-G

If you want something that’s all natural and would definitely not add to the pollution in your car. This also odor-free making it a perfect choice for people who have an aversion towards strong smells. Another great thing about this is that since it doesn’t have its own smell, it won’t just mask the bad odor in the air but would instead absorb this. The absorption is done naturally through the bamboo charcoal inside the bag.

This car air purifier is a great choice for those who want something natural and won’t have any bad effects on children or those that have allergies. Since this also only absorbs smell it can last for a long time. This makes it more cost effective and more convenient. This can also be used in other enclosed spaces in your house. This also got excellent reviews from previous customers. They loved that it’s able to get rid of cigarette smell and other unwanted smell in your car.

FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

A lot of people have allergies and these allergies are usually towards pollen and smoke. If you are one of those, or if you have a loved one who is; then this FRiEQ air purifier is the one for you. This is done by the purifier through releasing negative oxygen ions that get rid of the bad odor in your car. These negative ions also neutralizes molds and bacteria so you won’t have to worry about getting sick because of that plastic of take out your forgot inside your car.

Now you might be wondering hoe this actually works. This air purifier works by plugging it to the cigarette lighter of your car. This would give it the power to release these negative ions. The great features it claims are backed by the great reviews it got from previous customers. They loved how effective this is at getting rid of bad odor no matter how strong it may be.

Eco Breeze Car Air Purifier and Ionizer

Living in the city, you’re bound to be surrounded with a lot of pollutants whether it’s inside your car or outside. These could also get in your car fast. Getting a car air purifier that won’t just remove bad odor but also improve the overall air quality in your car is a great choice for city dwellers. This would ensure that you and your loved ones won’t inhale bad air.

This is also effective in removing bad odor from cigarettes, smoke, or food items that you might’ve left inside your car. The great thing about this car air purifier is that it uses electrical charge to release negative ions. These ions would then get rid of the microscopic organisms that cause these foul smells. The fact that it should be plugged into the cigarette lighter in your car could be a drawback for some especially. Since it would utilize your car battery and this would limit your use of this power outlet.

Max Premium Car Air Purifier

Do you like smoking but not really fond of that cigarette scent that it leaves? Want to get rid of the smell in just a few seconds? If you answered yes to one or both of the questions; then this Max Premium car air purifier is the one for you. This releases negative ions to attack those molecules that cause the smell of smoke. Since this doesn’t just mask the smell of the smoke and instead gets rid of it, this could also help in ensuring that the effects of second hand smoking is minimized.

Installation of this is also quick and easy. Just attach it to the cigarette lighter outlet in your car and you’re good to go. If in case you don’t find the product to be as great as it claims then you’ll be glad to know that it has a 100% guarantee. This also got great reviews from previous customers showing that it’s not just all talk and that it actually delivers on it’s promises.

ProtoAir Car Air Purifier

Airborne bacteria is hard to get rid of especially since we don’t see it and normally unaware that it’s present. Having bacteria in the air could be even worse if you are in an enclosed space like your car so getting a car air purifier that eliminates bacteria would be a great choice for anyone. This PhotoAir car air purifier kills up to 99% of airborne bacteria.

This is also great at removing bad odor since most of the bad odor are microscopic this also attacks those. If you or any of your loved ones is allergic this would be a great way to beat those allergens in the air. This also got great reviews from previous customers. They loved how quick and effective it is at removing bad odor.

What to Look For?

The list above is a great starting point for you to narrow down your choices. However, if like a lot of buyers you’re really meticulous you wouldn’t be able to choose right away. You might have your top choice already but can’t seem to settle down with choosing it. Choosing can even be more difficult if you don’t really know what you’re looking for in an air purifier. Below, we’ve listed down qualities that great air purifiers should have. These would help you be more informed and would prevent you from having buyer’s regret.

  1. Pollutant removal – The main reason why people choose air purifiers over air fresheners is its ability to not just mask smell but also to eliminate what causes the smell. The air purifier you’ll get should be able to eliminate any pollutants that might be harmful for you and your loved ones. Common particles in the air that’s eliminated are smoke and dust. This is especially important for those who tend to smoke in their car but don’t want the smell of the smoke to stay inside. Having a car air purifier would get rid of that smell.
  2. Easy installation – When we add something to our car, we want it to look seamlessly included. We wouldn’t want it to fall off constantly when we’re driving so it has to be either hanged or clipped on to something. However, the installation — and removal — shouldn’t be hard. You should be able to put it on in just a couple of moments and shouldn’t take much effort either.
  3. Efficiency – Most car owners who purchase a car air purifier do so because they want to remove bad odor in their car. This means that ensuring that it would effectively remove stench is a top priority. It shouldn’t just mask the scent but actually absorb or attack the molecules that cause the smell.
  4. Type – The list above features two types of car air purifiers. One absorbs the smell using natural ingredients; the other releases ions to attack microscopic particles. Both methods are effective you just need to consider which method you prefer more. As well as if you’re wanting for something that’s more natural or something that’s electric. Also note that the purifier that absorbs the smell would last relatively longer since it’s natural, doesn’t emit smell, and doesn’t have any parts that could malfunction.


Car air purifiers are a great tool to have handy in your car. This is ideal for those who smoke in their car but don’t want that smell to stick. It also removes the smell and doesn’t just mask it so you won’t have to be overwhelmed by the smell that air fresheners usually have. Aside from getting rid of bad odor, this also cleans the air inside your car. It kills bacteria and even molds that may cause harm to you or your loved ones. This is also great for those that have allergies since it also gets rid of allergens.

We hope that the tips above would help you in choosing the best car air purifier that fits your needs. Just keep in mind that when you buy any item you shouldn’t fixate on a single aspect of it. You should look at its entirety. With air purifiers, you should know which aspect you want to prioritize. Is it getting rid of smell fast or longevity? Knowing what you need would help you make a smart purchase and would protect you from having buyer’s regret.