Best Car Ashtrays

No matter how dangerous and the effort of your own doctor to keep away from smoking, you just simply can’t stop. It’s not that you don’t want to stop, you just simply can’t stop. While others were able to find a way to stop it completely, others are still trying to learn how. If you’re part of the latter, and you own a car, since you just can’t stop having a smoke every after 30 mins, you might want to get the best car ashtray in town that’ll let you properly stow away the waste of the stick.

Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray

If you’re not the only one inside your car, you still need to be respectful to your passengers who don’t like the smell of a cigar. Fortunately, you can still smoke inside the car thanks to the use of the Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray that doesn’t only act as an ashtray but also comes with the feature of an odor eliminator. The main reason why it’s able to do that is the carbon filter installed in it. In terms of residue collection, the Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray comes with an easy to clean removable tray. For ease of use, it’ll make you feel the future with its automatic operation with an open lid.

CigarExtra Self-Extinguishing Cigarette Ashtray

Being on-road and being the drive means your focus and attention needs to be on the wheel every single second. If you’re a smoker, you can’t simply extinguish the stick while driving. Thankfully, the next product can do that for you without even taking your eyes off the road. With the CigarExtra Self-Extinguishing Cigarette Ashtray, you can safely put out the heat on the stick without the need for any human intervention. What’s more interesting with the CigarExtra Self-Extinguishing Cigarette Ashtray is that the black design comes with glow in the dark feature. Speaking of design, it’s made out of entirely of plastic making it easy to clean with a few wipes.

Roadpro Self-Extinguishing Ashtray

Roadpro X-Large Self-Extinguishing Ashtray - Roadpro RP-452L

Another car ashtray that’ll keep your eyes on the road enters the best list of car ashtrays. With the Roadpro Self-Extinguishing Ashtray, you’re provided with a self-eliminating ashtray that fits in most cup holders thanks to its relatively regular size. The Roadpro Self-Extinguishing Ashtray blends in perfectly in any car thanks to the all-black paint from top to bottom. Stubbing out cigarettes won’t be necessary here. To give you an idea if it’ll fit in your cup holder, the Roadpro Self-Extinguishing Ashtray has a dimension of 7 x 4 x 3.9 inches.


With a car ashtray, you can safely dispose of butts of cigarettes while driving to the sun. While almost anything can be used as an ashtray, a dedicated car ashtray is far more convenient, useful, and safe in main cases. When looking for a car ashtray, make sure it has the size that would fit in cup holders. Moreover, it can accommodate several butts for occasional cleaning. With that said, the best car ashtray is Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray.