Best Carafes

Whether you’re ordering a tap water in a restaurant or enjoying a good wine on your home desk, chances are you’re going to see a carafe in front you. Unlike decanters, carafe provides a bit of class and sleek-ness when it comes to overall design and looks. It doesn’t come with any stopper and only has an open mouth. You can easily imagine that a carafe being poured into your glass feels like you’re a high class of some sort. Although that’s not really the point that we’re trying to make, having the best carafe with you can simply improve the enjoyment of your drink.

Hiware Glass Carafe

For the best carafe, it’s about having the most versatile carafe allowing it contains almost any liquid content. For the Hiware Glass Carafe, you’re getting a simple carafe that comes with high quality and very usable features. With the size of 50 oz, the Hiware Glass Carafe features a drip-free experience all thanks to the stainless steel flip-top lid thus even allowing for hot and cold drinks to be sustained. From water to juice and coffee, the Hiware Glass Carafe can contain any drink that you want to even wine if that suits your fancy. The Hiware Glass Carafe comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Rubbermaid Carafe 1878491

If you’re about durability and safety above anything else when it comes to the carafe, perhaps you might want to take a look at the next product for that. With the Rubbermaid Carafe 1878491, you don’t have to worry about a few bumps here and there with its design construction. The Rubbermaid Carafe 1878491 is available in clear style and black color. Regardless of that, it still comes in 2-quart size. The Rubbermaid Carafe 1878491 features a dual pouring spout of free-flowing ice guard openings complete with leak-proof lid seal making it suitable mixing and shaking beverages. Pouring is also made easy with its ergonomic body.

Savino Enthusiast Wine Preserving Carafe

If you want to be given a bit flexibility choice when getting a carafe, perhaps you might want to see the next product for that. With the Savino Enthusiast Wine Preserving Carafe, you have a choice to choose between glass and plastic construction depending on what you need or what suits your fancy. Regardless of that, you’re getting a 750 ml capacity carafe that comes with locking lid. With a clear material from the body to the lid itself, the whole thing is dishwasher safe and is suitable for storing in refrigerators. Moreover, it can even preserve wine for up to a week.


With tons of carafe out there, it’s hard to look at which deserves your time and money as well. All of them come with different material, and speaking of, plastic and glass are common out there. If durability is what you seek, go with the former, otherwise, the latter will provide class regardless of what you put inside. With that said, the best carafe is Hiware Glass Carafe.