Best Changing Pad Covers

Changing pad is made for a few reasons. Two of them are – comfort and ease of use – not only for the baby but also for the parents. When changing a baby’s diaper, especially when you don’t have someone to help you, a changing pad makes it easier for both parties that allows changing diapers to be much easier. With the baby resting comfortably on the changing pad, the parent can swap out the dirty diaper with ease, thanks to the restrained movements of the baby.

For sure, mommies (and daddies) out there have a lot to thank for when it comes to changing pads, but just like us humans, it’s not perfect. While it did gain points in terms of usability, it fell short on cleanliness. As much as possible, you don’t want your baby to get sick as they’re still very young and has a weak immune system. Getting unwanted feces on the changing pad can be harmful to your kid when not washed and cleaned properly. While some can remedy the problem by bringing it to the nearest laundry, it seems pretty luxurious given the times your baby poops in a day. Add to it the heft and weight when going to the nearest laundry shop, it’s not just that ideal. Remember, they a baby and all they do is eat, sleep, and poop.

This is where the changing pad cover comes in. Made to work side-by-side with changing pads, this will provide an easier way of cleaning by swapping only the changing pad cover with another and dumping it into the laundry machine. This will ensure that everything is neat and tidy for both parties without sacrificing the health of your kid. What’s more is that it comes in different designs so that you won’t be bored by the everlasting colors of your changing pads. Without further delay, here are the best changing pad covers.

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover, Sage

A changing pad cover needs to be extra comfy for babies. If not, your baby will just be crying and moving all throughout the changing process. That’s why the Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover offers convenience for parents and extra comfort for babies. What makes it the best of the best is the Velboa fabric that – not only provides extreme soft and comfortable feeling – but also allows for it to be machine-washable for easy cleaning. The nursery color also contributes to its cleanliness featuring a stale and neat fabric.

The corners slightly slide upward to keep a snugly form in providing comfort with a safety strap feature in tow to keep the baby secured in the process. It’s 16 x 32-inch size measure covers most standard changing pads. Due to its overall construction, this can be easily swapped in and out of the changing pad – making it easy for changing and cleaning. This changing pad cover is straight-forward and provides your basic needs from one.

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover, Monkey

If you’re not into the minimalistic design and wants more life out of your changing pad cover, this one might be the one you’re looking for. The Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover blends a bit of style and life that looks the same as the first one while providing equal if not, almost the same features from its sibling. The nursery colored cover is outfitted with an adorable monkey as if it’s telling you to put the baby how it’s exactly drawn on the material. Speaking of material, it makes use of polyester in providing warm and cozy feeling for the baby.

Even though if you accidentally spill something or your baby got dirt on it, it won’t be too much of a bother in cleaning as it’s made machine-washable for parents. The four corners also snuggle a bit and protrudes a bit at the middle for extreme comfort. With a measure of 16 x 32, you won’t have a problem fitting this one on most standard changing pads.

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover, Chevron

It seems like Summer Infant is on a roll as it enters another one of its product to our best lineup. Introducing the Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover, offering the same materials and features but in a different outfit. This one is called the ‘Chevron’ design where instead of a clean stale color only, there’s an added zigzag texture to provide a bit of aesthetics. As you would expect, it measures 16 x 32 inches – suited for most changing pads.

The same Velboa material that makes cleaning easy is found here, all the while providing extra comfort and warm for the baby. Every after wash, it looks like it’s clean as new. The corners are snuggly fit while having a flat bottom. It also comes with the safety strap to keep your baby in check.

 American Baby Company Changing Pad Cover

American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Contoured Changing Pad Cover, Navy

This one is distinctly different to the first three that were mentioned – from the design down to the materials used. Starting with the design, instead of outward corners, all sides almost resembles a perfect square with flat surfaces all around. The safety strap feature to hold the baby is adjustable, in which is located and installed in the middle. Overall, it’s a bit larger compared to the first three measuring 17 x 35 x 5 inches. The extra inch might provide you more space when changing the diapers.

Moving to the materials, American Baby Company makes use of the soft chenille fitted contour material that provides extreme softness and comfort to the baby’s skin. It even stands out among others with its solid colors – 16 colors to be exact. In terms of cleaning, it’s best suited with machine wash warm and tumble dry low to get the best results.

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover, Safari Stack

To cap off the best changing pad cover list, another Summer Infant product has entered. The ever-popular Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover once again made on the list with the ‘Safari Stack’ design. The safari stack variant has a children’s design of an elephant, turtle, and giraffe, for a livelier looking changing pad cover so as you won’t get bored changing the diapers of your baby. Overall, the design shouts cuteness and fun-ness, that could go along with almost any nursery themed room.

The 16 x 32-inch snuggly-fit size features a 100% polyester material to keep things comfy and cozy for the baby. It can be washed in the machine so you won’t have a problem cleaning this one.

What to Look For

Choosing the right changing cover pad is not as easy as it seems. You need to keep in mind the comfort of your baby and make sure that it won’t affect his/her skin and health as you don’t want to make things worse when it comes to changing diapers. A changing cover pad will only be useful when your baby feels like using it. That’s why when looking for one, make sure to keep this on your list as to not forget what’s important to keep your baby happy, comfy, and healthy.

  • Fabric Material – the fabric material is the main deciding point when buying a changing cover pad. It depends entirely on the baby if he/she will keep in place while changing the diaper. Polyester is the commonly used fabric due to easy-drying capabilities while providing a soft texture. There’s no risk when it comes to this kind of material making it safe for kids. In terms of softness, there might be nothing that’ll beat chenille fabric. It’s extremely soft – mostly found on face towels, and sips water easily in contact. To get the best out of it, warm washing is required.
  • Waterproof – waterproof changing pad cover can be useful in some instances but in this case, you’re sacrificing comfort for the baby. Waterproof feature makes the changing pad cover a bit cold and rough to the touch. Should you really need this feature, consult first with a professional.
  • Sizes – most changing pad cover can fit in any standard changing pad, but it’s important to check first the size of your changing pad before buying one. It’s as easy as matching a kid’s shape blocks toy.
  • Safety strap– not all comes with a safety strap. To fully take advantage of the ease of use that the changing pad cover provides, always consider a safety strap. Apart from that, it also provides safety for your baby. If it doesn’t come with one, then buy a separate one but consult first with a professional.


There’s a ton of changing cover pads out there that you can choose from and almost all provide the basic things that you need from one. However, it doesn’t provide the same feeling and comfort needed by a baby so you need to pay attention more to the details such as fabric material, size, and safety strap. And to cap things off, these are the best changing cover pads that work most for babies.