Best Chimes

The sound of nature can be enhanced with the best chime. You can enjoy the breeze of the wind more when the chime moves with the air and it produces a sound. The great thing about chimes is that it can produce unique sounds by using certain materials. In addition to this, you do not need to have musical talents for the chime to produce a sound. A chime can also be helpful when it comes to making yourself aware of the surrounding weather. You would know the strength of the wind gush just by listening to the sound of the chime. We have tested three chimes to determine the best chime on the market.

Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime- Inspirational Collection

The first chime on our list is the Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime- Inspirational Collection. You can listen to the first few notes of Amazing Grace when the wind calls for you. It produces a sound that is extremely relaxing and soothing. In terms of measurement, the medium chime has a length of 24 inches. Moreover, this also comes in a small size and a large size. There is also another medium chime that comes with a teak finish. The design is made of cherry finish ash wood and there are six silver aluminum tubes to create the sound. On the other hand, there is a removable wind catcher to easily customize the sound produced by the wind chime.

Woodstock 17 Inch Mars Wind Chime

Another wind chime that has caught our attention is the Woodstock 17 Inch Mars Wind Chime. It comes with five tubes that are color bronze, which then releases a deep tone that produces a sound when the wind blows. This wind chime has been tuned to a five-note pentatonic scale. On the other hand, it also comes with a Bubinga finish wood top and wind catcher. In addition to this, the nylon cord has been braided to ensure supreme durability. Since the resulting sound plays in great harmony, you can be certain that the resulting sound is pleasant to the ears. The longest tube on this chime measures eight inches but the overall length of the wind chime is at seventeen inches.

Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chime, Bronze- Famous Melodies Collection

The last chime on our list is the Famous Melodies Collection of the Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chime line. The resulting sound produced by chime includes notes of Johann Pachelbel’s celebrated canon. There are four rods on this chime and there are also six tubes that will produce the sound. Similar to the previous model, this chime comes with a Bubinga finish ash wood. In addition to this, there are six bronze anodized aluminum chime tubes and four bronze anodized aluminum rods. Overall, this is the longest chime that we have tested since it measures 32.5 inches long.


Hands down my favorite chime is the Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime- Inspirational Collection. The resulting sound is both soothing and inspiring. Who doesn’t find comfort in their solace while listening to Amazing Grace? However, the selling point of this chime is also its durability. With its sturdy structure and solid construction, you can be certain that the price that you are paying is worth its cost. When purchasing a wind chime, you need to be certain that the tubes are connected in a manner that it would fall off easily since that would cause the chime to lose its charm. This ends our review for the best chime. Our goal was to provide you with valuable information and we hope to have done this through our review.