Best Cleaning Rods

Gun owners find joy in cleaning their guns. However, there are times when there are places that are hard to reach. This is why we have gone on a quest to find the best cleaning rod for your firearm or pistol. With a cleaning rod, you can clean hard to reach areas since it acts as an extension for you. You can be more thorough when it comes to cleaning your gun to ensure that it can function better. We have put three cleaning rods to determine the best cleaning rod on the market. Read the article below to find out the results of our review.

Tipton Deluxe Cleaning Rods .22-.26, .27-.45, .17 and Shotgun

The first cleaning rod on our list is the Tipton Deluxe Cleaning Rods .22-.26, .27-.45, .17 and Shotgun. This allows for its complete versatility and efficiency for cleaning your firearms. It is designed with a carbon fiber shaft, which can ensure that your firearm is cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage to the bore. Moreover, you have better control of the handle to ensure easier maneuvering of the cleaning rod because of the ergonomic handle. You can work on tight patches with this rod and there are also two sets of bearing to ensure that it does not bind under pressure. In addition to this, there is a hole on the cleaning rod so that you can store your properly.

Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod 22 to 26 Caliber Nylon Coated 8 x 36 Thread

The next cleaning rod on our list is meant for 22 to 26 calibers since it comes with an 8 x 36 male thread that has been nylon coated. This eliminated the need for any special thread adapter. The Dewey one-piece cleaning rod comes with a ball bearing handle, a brass Jag, and a brush adaptor. It also comes with a universal slotted tip for your convenience and for added flexibility when you use it. Due to the thirty inch length of the cleaning rod, you can clean the rifle more thoroughly since it has a better reach. Despite its expensive price, it is a worthy purchase since it maintains a high accuracy for your rifle.

Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod 27 to 34 Caliber Nylon Coated 12 x 28 Thread

The last cleaning rod that we have tried is also from the Dewey line. This one-piece cleaning rod comes with the same ball bearing handle, brass Jag, and brush adaptor. However, it is better suited for 27 to 34 calibers and it comes with a male thread that has been coated with nylon and it measures 12 x 28. Moreover, it has an extended reach because this cleaning rod has a length of 44 inches. However, we will leave you with a word of caution. Due to its nylon coating, this cleaning rod is not compatible with the TM Solution by Sinclair International and Montana X-Treme Solutions. This is because this solution can affect the quality of the nylon coating of the coated cleaning rod.


The best cleaning rod will be able to help your gun function properly. The three cleaning rods that we have tested were able to yield great results, but the Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod 22 to 26 Caliber Nylon Coated was beyond compare. While it was a pretty basic cleaning rod, the beauty of this model is in its simplicity. This allows you to use the cleaning rod with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, which guarantees satisfaction after using this cleaning rod.

After reviewing three cleaning rods and declaring the best cleaning rod, we have reached the end of our review. We hope that we have helped you in making an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a cleaning rod for your gun.