Best Cupping Sets

There’s a Chinese method of relieving the pain you feel deep into your muscles, tissues and even connective tissues by using a Cupping therapy. With the use of a cup, you apply the suction of the cup to a localized part of your body and the sucking action actually draws all the blood into the area. Leaving the cup suction on for five to fifteen minutes, you can either use other different methods such as dry cupping, fire cupping or wet cupping. Using the best cupping set is important in this method for it to be successful.

Kangzhu Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Set

Kangzhu 12-Cup Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Set

This is a best-selling set for cupping therapy that you can use. There are 12 different cups here with different sizes. It has a smooth edge in order to give you comfort while it sucks the skin and meat of the area you’re going to apply it to. It has some biomagnetic points that are designed to be removable when you use it. The manufacturers made sure that this is designed and tested to pass the requirements of FDA and the quality testing for ISO. For one set of cupping paraphernalia, you can get them at such an affordable price.

LURE Cupping Set

LURE Cupping Set with FREE Cupping Book (PDF) - Most Recommended by Pros Best for Professional & Home Use - 4 Cups, Blue

This is another highly recommended set of cups for cupping therapy that you can try to check out. It’s a trusted product that’s been used by massage therapists and even medical professionals. Some athletes even use this when they experience pain in different areas of their bodies. The premium quality cups are designed to give superior suction power and control at the same time. It’s made of medical-grade silicone that’s efficient yet comfortable enough for you to use. You can easily squeeze and apply it to the area you wanted to be treated. The price is pretty reasonable too.

Sodynee Premium Transparent Silicone Cupping Set

4 Cup Premium Transparent Silicone Cupping Set for Chinese Cupping and Massage Therapy

Another set of cups that you might want to consider is this highly rated product with such a reasonable price. This is also made of high-grade silicone that’s transparent. It comes in different sizes that you can use for different parts of your body that need some pain management. It comes with a carry bag that makes it easy for you to carry around. The cups are durable and safe to use. They’re also comfortable too even when you use it as a suction to ease the pain you feel. A lot of people are quite happy with its performance.


You can experience the Chinese method of cupping therapy the right way with the use of the best cupping set. The product should be specially designed to provide superior suction power in order to achieve an effective therapy using the secret arts of cupping therapy. Whatever cupping method you might want to try you have to pair it with the right cupping set. If you’re thinking of using it for fire cupping then use a glass cupping set. For normal cupping therapy, you can use one made of medical-grade silicone.