Best Dematting Tools

There are certain dog breeds that are high maintenance when it comes to their coat. Dogs with long hair and dogs who frequently shed their fur many times a year need to be groomed frequently. They often need to have their hair brushed in order to prevent dog matting which is a tendency where dog hair becomes stuck together and form these clumps of hair. If you don’t properly brush the hair of dogs with undercoat matting might occur. It’s best to use the best dematting tool to remedy this.

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs

This is a best-selling dematting tool that you can use for your high-maintenance dog breeds. The design of this product is quite unique. It has this rounded ends which are great for the sensitive skin of dogs while the sharp teeth actually make sure that it won’t pull the hairs of your dogs so they can remain calm and comfortable while you untangle their matted hair or when you brush their fur using this tool. This dematting tool is very effective in clearing out different tangles and mats your dogs might suffer. It’s a high-quality product that’s effective too.

RUBOLD Dematting Tool

Another dematting tool that’s been tested for its efficiency in untangling difficult tangles and matted hair of dogs and cats is this amazing product. A lot of pet owners and even professionals like veterinarians swear by this product. Dogs and cats who have sensitive skin have no complaints when this product is used to untangle their hair thanks to the special design of this tool. The combination of rounded outside and the pointed inside untangles the matted hair of your pet fast and safely without causing discomfort to your pet. This is a versatile tool to maintain your pet’s coat.

MIU COLOR Pet Dematting Comb Grooming Undercoat Rake

This is another highly recommended dematting tool that you can check out. It has a pretty similar design and looks just like the one from Rubold but this one is half its price. The teeth of the tool itself are also made of stainless steel yet it has two sides, the rounded outside and the sharp inside, which is the secret to its success as a dematting tool. With this, your pet won’t feel any pain or discomfort when you use this to untangle their matted hair or when you use this to remove their undercoat while they shed.


It’s important to maintain the condition of your pet dog or cat’s hair by using the best dematting tool. There are dematting tools that you can use during shedding and when matting problems arise. Highly versatile products like that are better. Make sure that the product you choose won’t be painful for your pet when you use it. It should have a special design that can effectively untangle even the most difficult matted hair easily and quickly without making your pet uncomfortable.