Best Directors Chairs

What started as a coffee maker’s chair became a stereotypical image of a movie director, hence the name. Commonly known as the “Director’s Chair”, the light and flexible chair goes way back even before the word ‘director’ came to its meaning. Apparently, many years ago, the director’s chair was first coffee maker’s seat that gains popularity during the 1800s in the America. At 1893 during Chicago World’s Fair, it gave birth to the modern-day director’s chair – designed by the Gold Medal furniture company. After winning an award, the canvas and wood-based became a hit that doesn’t serve the movie director, but also fellow artisans, as well as common household members.

The directors chair sports a canvas or a strong fabric for the back and the seat that supports the user’s full weight, it has an armrest that’s usually made of wood, but aluminum and metal can be found these days, and the scissors base is responsible in making things steady by equally distributing the user’s weight. Before, director’s chair was designed lower than a standard chair, but for the modern times, it stands much higher than the usual chairs of today. A prominent feature for a director to see everything that’s happening during an act.

Today, it’s not only for directors and the likes, a director’s chair already reaches the comforts of the home, whether it’s for outdoor or indoor use. Coming in with different materials used for making a director’s chair, its design became more attractive for almost anywhere to be placed that varies in metal or wood. Wooden-based blends perfectly on your patio or garden while Aluminum-based is lighter in weight giving flexibility to users. Its characteristic to be lowered or raised allows for it to be used by either kids or friends that are way taller than your door.

Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair

Don’t be fooled by the name as the Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair transforms a regular directors chair with more functionality. The frame that holds everything together is of aluminum material that supports a maximum weight of 225 pounds. The fabric used, on the other hand, is weather-resistant, meaning, it won’t have any problems whether it’s under the scorching heat or pouring rain. What adds to its functionality is the comfort found in the fabric – The back, seat, and armrest comes padded suited for long hours of use. The built-in seat straps keep things tidy when folded for easy keeping.

What easily sets itself apart from the usual director’s chair is the side table with cup holder. The added functionality can be seen on the right-hand side that automatically folds when not being used. The chair stands at 30.5-inches and seats at 23-inches width. Overall, it weighs 7.1 pounds to carry. Despite its aluminum frame holding the main chair, it can be set either inside your home or outside in your backyard, garden, or patio.

ONIVA Picnic Time Folding ‘Sports Chair’

Speaking of features and functionalities, the ONIVA Picnic Time Portable Folding ‘Sports Chair’ might just be one of the most feature-packed when it comes to being functional to any kinds of scenarios. Standing at 33.25-inches with an extra-wide seat at 19-inches, ONIVA’s director’s chair can support up to 300 pounds of weight. Made with an aluminum frame and polyester fabric, it’s lightweight at 9 pounds and portable that easily folds and holds with its built-in seat straps. Depending on where you want to take this one, it perfectly fits for backyard grilling or relaxing on the deck in the middle of the day.

Clad in blue navy color, the back, seat, and padded armrests makes use of polyester material to support the user. If the color doesn’t complement to your liking, it’s available in 15 different colors more. Attached at the right-hand side is the stainless table for drinks, foods, among others while at opposite end is the accessory panel for almost anything that you have with you – phone, magazines, or sunglasses. The bag panel includes an insulated bottled beverage pouch and a zippered security pocket for your essential things.

Stylish Camping Folding Director’s Chair

Another director’s chair that features almost the same things from the second one is the Stylish Camping Full Back Folding Director’s Chair. Clad in color blue, it’s also available in black, brown, green, and burgundy colors to match your lifestyle. The aluminum frame is flat all around which makes it lightweight to carry at 10 pounds to be exact in package weight. Furthermore, it’s foldable for added flexibility wherever you’ll go. Overall, it measures 32.65-inches in height and 19.5-inches in width.

The same polyester can be seen here for weight support with padded arm rests. The right-hand side has a foldable stainless table with dedicated cup holder while on the left-hand side is the series of pockets consisting of one zippered pouch, one bottle pouch, and two covered pouch.

Earth Executive VIP Tall Directors Chair

Earth Executive VIP Tall Directors Chair

While others focus on functionality itself, others try to lure in customers with eye-candy design. And with the Earth Executive VIP Tall Directors Chair, it combines functionality and design in one chair. Functionality-wise, the right side has a stainless table with a dedicated cup holder and folds itself after use. While at the left side comes with two large pouches for extra storage. The seat and back are covered in black rugged 600-denier polyester fabric material while the armrest is also black with padded cover.

Design-wise, it sports a futuristic look that clad in black and silver aluminum. The anodized aluminum frame can hold a human weight of up to whopping 375 pounds – all thanks to the 8-point ground contacts which further adds stability that contributes to weight distribution. Furthermore, it even comes equipped with four side stabilizer bars. With a 16-pound weight overall, it’s still flexible with its ability to be easily folded for easy transportation. This futuristic director’s chair blends perfects with edgy houses that sports a minimalistic look and feel.

Casual Home Canvas Director Chair

Despite the number of innovative directors chair made out there, nothing beats the traditional style that completes the feeling of a true artisan. Introducing the Casual Home Canvas Director Chair, it makes you feel as if you’re the director itself clad in black colors all over. If that’ not up to your taste, more than 20 colors are available for you to choose from. To complete the feature of a director’s chair, it stands at 18-inches with other variants coming in at 24-inch and 30-inch apiece. Being made of wood material, it can hold up to 250 pounds of human weight.

The back and seat cover are of cotton fabric that can be seen stretched out neatly and is fully machine washable when it comes to cleaning. The arm rests are of wood also to fully enjoy the experience of premium wood material. It weighs 9.4 pounds overall and still able to be folded easily for flexibility. Shipping directly from Thailand, this one takes you back to the classic period.

What to Look For

With plenty of director’s chair being manufactured, it’s pretty hard to see what could fit right for you and at the same time, provide comfort from the back to the buttocks and arms. Even though they look pretty much the same in design, the experience when being used is far from each other. Whenever you’re looking to buy one, these factors can decide between a comfortable, functional director’s chair or a crappy, useless regular chair.

  • Size and weight– unlike in other aspects, size always matter for director’s chair. Be sure to check the width size of the seat to make sure you’ll fit comfortable with enough to space to squish around. The weight capability of the chair should also be considered to avoid any accidents that could hard the user.
  • Fabric material – most materials can last for a long time, and the materials that we’re talking about are found on the seat itself, back, and armrests. Though durability is not questionable, comfort is. Only a few comes with pads that add comfortability when being used. Armrests with no pads and thin resting place might cause you to feel a bit ‘meh’ after an extended time of use.
  • Additional Features – a regular director’s chair only provides one thing, a place to sit on. However, to make one stand out from the rest, manufacturers add a bit of fling to their own chairs. The foldable side table is one of them. The concept is very simple but the functionality is very useful. Another one feature is the side pocket. This kind of feature is perfect for those who’re planning to use it outdoors. Exclusive features like the 8-point ground system is a rare and unique feature that could come in handy when you’re considering someone’s weight. Not only it adds durability but it also allows for the chair to be accessible to more people.


A director’s chair continues to evolve from being a normal chair for artisans to a functional chair for household and other outdoor activities. In order for you to fully take advantage and enjoy the use of one, consider the size and weight, the fabric material used, and extra features that you may find very useful.