Best Disposable Nursing Pads

Being a new mother entails a lot of things. There’s the occasional mood swings, sleepless nights, and of course nursing. When you’re nursing you have to have the proper things to make it comfortable for you and your baby. This would help you keep that pressure milk from ruining your top due to leaking. But with all the hassles that come with being a mom, getting a disposable pad would be much easier for you. Below is a list of the best nursing pads in the market that would hopefully help you make your decision.

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads, 100 Count

If you want a nursing pad that won’t make you sweat and would stay in place; then this Lansinoh disposable nursing pad is the one for you. This pad has a special lining that would prevent any leaks and would protect your clothes from getting wet. Nursing pads often keep your clothes dry but sometimes they do cause so sweating especially if the heat gets too much. This is where these breathable pads also come in handy. Since they’re breathable there would still be some form of air circulation which could prevent excess sweating.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to constantly check if the pads are still in place? With these really sticky pads the pads would stay in place and wouldn’t come loose even if it gets wet. This saves you from embarrassment while you go about your everyday life. This also got great reviews from fellow moms. They love that it stays in place and that it doesn’t fall apart. They also liked that it’s easy to use.

Philips AVENT SCF254 Disposable Breast Pads

Philips AVENT SCF254/10 Day Disposable Breast Pads, White, 100-Count

The problem that a lot of moms face with nursing pads is that they are usually too thick or not contoured properly. This causes the pads to be visible through clothes especially if your top is tighter. With this Philps Avent nursing pads you won’t have to worry about showing anymore. These pads are contoured well and ultra thin, so there’s no need to worry about it being obvious. Despite being this, it has multiple layers that makes absorption effective. The multiple layers ensure that no leaks would seep through the clothes you’re wearing.

The pads are also individually wrapped so it won’t get dirty or loose it’s adhesive if you haven’t used it yet. It’s also breathable and the surface is more silky that rough preventing irritation. Despite these great features, the pads received mixed reviews. Those who loved it found it comfortable and effective. However, there were several complaints about leaks and also it being rough.

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads, 120 Count

Having a child is one of the best experiences most people could have but it does come with high costs. Given this ordeal, a lot of parents try to be as frugal and as cost effective as possible when it comes to their purchases. This Madela nursing pads is probably one of the most effective pads in the market. They absorb well but still remains dry so you won’t have to change pads constantly.

These are not just cost effective, they’re also packed with other great features. It’s made of cotton, nylon, and polymer making it soft and comfortable. It also has a double adhesive that keeps the pads in place at all times. The pads are also discreet meaning you won’t have to worry about it being too obvious. This also got good reviews from fellow mothers. They were mostly loving the price point and how much they get for it. They also loved the comfort that brings them. However, there were a couple of complaints about it being too thick.

Bamboobies Premium Super Soft Disposable Nursing Pads

Bamboobies Premium Super Soft Disposable Nursing Pads - Breathable Milk-Proof Backing - Eco-Friendly - 60 Disposable Nursing Pads

Most mothers who want to be earth friendly with their purchases mostly tend to steer clear from disposable items and this includes disposable pads. Despite this, a lot of them still love the convenience of disposables. This Bamboobies nursing pads would give you the best of both worlds. This is disposable but it’s bio degradable. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Aside from being great for the environment, this is also absorbent and has a milk proof backing. So now you won’t have to worry about leaking while you’re walking down the street. This also got mostly great reviews from previous customers. They love the comfort and absorption they get from these pads. The only draw back to this is that it’s slightly pricier than most pads.

NUK Ultra Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

NUK Ultra Dry Disposable Nursing Pads, 50 Count

Want something that would deal with your heavy leaks and still won’t show through clothes? If so, then this NUK disposable pads is the one for you. These pads are multi-layered and has milk locking technology making leakage virtually impossible. Despite having several layers, this won’t make you sweat too much since it’s breathable allowing for air to circulate.

These pads also conform to your breasts making it the perfect fit for you no matter what size you may be. It’s also made of cotton so it’s comfortable and you’d be less vulnerable to irritation. Previous customers also have nothing but love for this product. They love how comfortable it is and how it’s able to absorb even heavy leaks. They also liked that it protected their sensitive parts.

What to Look For?

Choosing the best nursing pad would help save you the embarrassment of having leaks on your shirt. But even with the list above it can still be extremely challenging to decide which is truly the best one for you. This could get even trickier if you don’t know what to look for. Being well informed would help you make a smart purchase and not have any regrets at the end.

  1. Efficient – Nursing pads are primarily used to ensure that you won’t leak while you’re going about your day. It might not be fashionable but it’s certainly functional. Given this, the pad that you’ll get should definitely give you that protection you need. It should be able to block any milk from seeping through.
  2. Comfortable – Most nursing mothers often experience aches and soars making them uncomfortable and sometimes even irritable so its only logical for you to ensure that your pads don’t add to this discomfort. Great pads wouldn’t be restrictive and should give you relief. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be a thick foam but still it should give a bit of cushion.
  3. Materials – Even if it’s disposable, you should still pay close attention to the materials used for the pad. Doing so would help protect you from getting any irritation while you’re using it. The quality of the material would also translate to how durable the pad would be; of course you wouldn’t want it to fall apart if it gets wet.
  4. Not visible through clothes – Even if you’re already a mom you shouldn’t compromise your style and how you look. This would make you feel better and also help you transition to a life as a mother. However, even if most moms want to retain their old style some have a hard time doing so due to having to deal with extra tools like a nursing pad. Most nursing pads unfortunately show when you wear tighter clothes making your wardrobe options limited. This means that it would be a whole lot better if the nursing pad you’ll get is thin and flat so you would be able to wear what you want to wear without worrying about showing.
  5. Milk production – Although there might not be a specific indicator of how much milk the pads can absorb, unlike with sanitary pads, you should still know if the pads fit with the amount of milk you produce. This would allow you to choose the pads that would require the least number of changes throughout the day. It could also save you from any accidents from happening.


Getting a nursing pad is essential for all new mothers. This would allow you to go out and do your normal routine without having to worry about any consequences that sudden movements might bring. It can also give you that added comfort you need to go about your day since these pads also offer added protection to your sensitive nipples. Disposable pads are also a more convenient way for you to stay dry without having to worry about washing them after. This added convenience is a great thing for mothers who have a lot on their plates and have barely enough sleep.

We hope that with the tips we’ve given that you’d be able to get the nursing pads that best fit your needs. Just remember that you should ensure that all qualities of the pads are considered before you make a choice. Know what aspect do you need the most help and what you should prioritize. This would allow you to choose the product that would help you the most.