Best Dot Grid Notebooks

Notebooks are loved by many people around the globe, especially students. It’s a simple invention, but it holds a lot of promise. For some, it even holds the hopes and dreams of their lives, and even the records of their past experiences. Some notebooks are functional, while there are those that are just beautiful to look at and to write with. With hundreds of notebooks to choose from, you might want some assistance in choosing the right one for your specific needs. Luckily, you’re here right now as we give you some excellent examples of the best dot grid notebooks on the market.

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal

The Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal is a dot grid notebook that comes into the market with lots of great designs and colors for its covers. Interested buyers can choose from different looks, including Royal Blue, Azure, Black, Emerald, and several others.

Northbooks Notebook / Journal

The Northbooks Notebook / Journal has a very simple yet highly sophisticated look. Interested buyers can choose from different variants of this particular dot grid notebook, which includes sheets of paper that has different-sized dots, squares, and even blank papers.

Miliko Transparent Hardcover Wirebound/Spiral Notebook

The Miliko Transparent Hardcover Wirebound/Spiral Notebook has a reasonably compact design so you can fit it inside just about any bag, and it won’t cause too much of a hindrance regarding space. It also has a transparent hard cover which assures you of the notebook’s durability.

What to Look For?

When looking for the right dot grid notebook, perhaps the first aspect you need to consider is its size. Notebooks come in different shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are A4 and B6 sizes. Do take note, however, that there are still some slight variations of these sizes, so it’s best that you’re still on your toes regarding your selection process.

Aside from the size of the dot grid notebook, you need to think about selecting a notebook with pages or sheets. Do note that one sheet of paper is actually two pages. As such, check the product’s description first before buying the notebook to avoid any regret later. Do keep in mind that more pages don’t automatically make the dot grid notebook to be better than most. After all, more pages mean a thicker notebook, and it might not be the preferred choice for some individuals.

Next, you should check the notebook’s GSM. GSM stands for Grams per Meter Squared, and this aspect refers to the paper’s weight or thickness. Heavier paper is generally associated with better quality paper. As such, you may want to search for such a dot grid notebook to avoid “show through,” which would otherwise be a problem if you’re using a fountain pen.


It’s imperative that you take your time in selecting your dot grid notebooks to avoid any mistakes during the process of selection and purchase. If you need a little help in deciding what dot grid notebook to purchase, then you can always come back to this post.