Best Electric Erasers

We believe that when you make a mistake in life, you’d wish to erase that mistake and rewrite it with something anew, possibly, the right thing this time. We just wish it’s that easy in life, unlike in writing and drawing, making a mistake is acceptable since you can easily erase and rewrite the mistake that you’ve done. Enter the eraser. Erasers have been the saving grace of every artist from writing to drawing, sketching, and any other activities that involve it. A simple mistake can be corrected by an eraser. But just like life and people, erasers are not perfect.

Erasers are typically made from synthetic rubber and synthetic soy-based gum, while the more expensive types are of vinyl, gum-like substance, and plastic. The latter type provides a much better erasing experience by minimizing the possibility of smearing and tearing of the paper. A common problem for artisans that became the main problem when erasing. However, for manga artists (Japanese style of comic books) we supposed, a simple eraser is not enough to meet the needs of intricate artists, especially manga artists require much details and construction when creating a manga or comic.

Enter the electric eraser – an eraser that’s being operated by a battery-powered motor with the axis connected to the eraser. Believe it or not, the eraser can evolve together with technology. The machine is actually simple, in simple words, they just grabbed the axis motor of a remote-controlled car and stuck an eraser on its tube. By doing so, no more smearing, no more holes on paper, and what we got is a clean artwork no matter how many times you run through the eraser on your paper. By using an electric eraser, the experience of erasing will never be the same again. Without further ado, here is the list of the best electric eraser.

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser


Derwent Battery Operated Eraser, Artist Tool, Drawing, Art Supplies (2301931)

Electric erasers are made to be held like a regular pen or pencil, this allows for easy maneuver, thus having an accurate style of erasing. The Derwent Battery Operated Eraser is one of them. What makes its pen-hold grip sellable to artisans is the way how erasing can also act like a pencil – it can erase some details on the drawing in order to create a detailed drawing. It’s a bit confusing but artists surely will get it. This one operates on two triple AAA batteries which are both separately.

This package includes one pack of an eraser which is equivalent to 8 interchangeable long-lasting erasers, a two-pack package and a case of 8 is available as its higher variant. The power button that lets the motor running can be accessed via the top mounted button, which can be accessible with either left-hand or right-hand. This one offers precise erasing with its speedy motor that allows for the smallest details to be cleared.

Ohuhu Electric Eraser


If you’re really serious about getting things done for you work, and when we say work, we mean tons of paper sketches in just a day, the Ohuhu Electric Eraser can save you a lot of time. Whether you’re drawing, drafting, or creating architectural plans, this compact and lightweight electric eraser provide precise control for your artworks. Its strong erasing prowess is made possible by the strong motor that goes in a speedy circular movement, thus allowing to erase complex areas of the drawing. To start erasing, simply press the one-button operation and you can start creating your work again.

To power the cordless electric eraser, it needs to run on two triple AAA batteries which are bought separately. For sure, you won’t need to buy an extra eraser for quite some time due to its long-lasting capability that comes with 20 refillable erasers. After erasing everything, you might want things to be completely neat and clean that’s why they’re even throwing in a brush to remove the excess graphite and rubber. Overall, the electric eraser measures 6.3 x 0.9 x 3.5 inches.

Ambielly Electric Eraser


Comfortability is the main selling point of the Ambielly Electric Eraser aside from its ability to erase. For Ambielly, the eraser is a tool of an artist and not just for providing precise media removal. To make sure that artisans will have an excellent experience when erasing, the electric eraser can be easily held through a pen-grip or the usual grip when using a typical eraser, all the while creating a comfortable seamless feeling by pressing the button to start erasing and removing certain spots. Its precise pinpoint erasing capability allows this one to be a perfect match for draftsman, artist, architects, and animators.

Just like other electric erasers, it operated under two triple AAA batteries which are not included in the package. The replaceable eraser boasts its good quality, long-lasting usage and comes with 20 refills to use. Apart from the mentioned ability of the electric eraser, the other end houses a manual sharpener already to allow artisans to continue their work immediately. Its overall measures is a bit thick at 7.5 x 3 x 0.7 inches.

Maped Helix Auto Eraser (19060)


Electric erasers are typically long that almost matches a regular pen or pencil for better control of movements. But with Maped Helix Auto Eraser (19060), it’s reduced length makes it more pocketable while maintaining the length needed for precise movements. Despite its shorter length, what allows it to be controlled with the same pen-hold grip is the curved shape on the side, thus providing the same feeling for precisely controlled movements. The eraser tip also provides precision for a light and detailed erasing.

Clad in blue color all over, the electric eraser runs on two double AA batteries that are separately bought. It measures 1 x 5.5 x 6.5 inches, making it perfect even for children.

Ishua Electric Eraser


Another electric eraser that’s complete in the specification is the Ishua Electric Eraser. Its compact and lightweight design allow for pinpoint precision when erasing, making it perfect for wide-variety of use such as drafting, drawing, and architectural works. Its precise ability is accompanied by its strong erasing prowess that removes any the graphite seamlessly, leaving a clean paper without any mark of damage. Getting to intricate details won’t be that hard to deal with as it comes with a one-button operation that only requires light touch for comfortability.

The eraser itself can be easily removed and lasts for a long service time, to make sure you won’t be changing sometime soon, it comes with 20 eraser refills. To keep things clean and neat as possible, it also comes with a cleaning brush inside the package. There’ll be two triple AAA batteries needed to run the motor inside, and just like everyone else – it’s not included.

What to Look For

Electric erasers don’t differ that much from one another. Mostly, in terms of design, length, width, it resembles a pen highlighter for the most part. Only some try to veer away from that usual design. However, they do provide the same erasing capability. But when you have specific needs for an electric eraser, make sure to take note of a few things.

  • Size – it’s length and thickness depends on the size of your hands or your ability to comfortably hold the electric eraser. Imagine a pen highlighter, if you have one, try to do a pen-hold grip and the usual grip when using a rubber eraser, and check if it’s comfortable for you to work on especially if you’re going to use it for intricate details of your work.
  • Tip – the tip of the electric eraser will also contribute to the precision of erasing ability. If you do get the chance to test it before buying it, make sure whenever the eraser is attached, it holds sturdily and doesn’t come off easily. This is one of the most common problems of artisans who’re going to use this kind of eraser.
  • Built-in sharpener (optional) – only some products can be seen with a built-in sharpener. It’s not really required for the most part but if you want to make things life easier for you, then at least, try to get one if it’s available. When being mobile, it’s one less baggage for your bag.


Surprisingly, the usual rubber-only eraser has evolved throughout the years along with the technology. With the invention of an electric eraser, your erasing experience won’t ever be the same again. With a focus on precision, quality, and condition of the paper, even the smallest detail can be erased or improved for a better-looking output. And with a few tips in mind, for sure you won’t be going back to the old times of erasing. Check out the size which is comfortable to use with your hands and the tip that should hold the eraser sturdy. Though not required, a built-in sharpener will surely make things even more efficient and productive for you.

So, whether you’re looking to reduce the number of papers that goes directly to your trash can or just want to look cool with your erase, these are the best electric erasers that you can get.