Best Electric Jackhammers

When it comes to breaking, and wrecking hard-surfaced things, Jackhammer always comes to mind. Did you know that ever since we were young, we already have an idea what a jackhammer looks like. Cartoon characters seem to have fond of jackhammers, specifically Wile E. Coyote when trying to capture the roadrunner. Though not 100 percent accurate, it’s pretty close enough to depict a regular jackhammer and have an initial idea about its design. One of the most needed tools in construction is the jackhammer. You really can’t start something without a jackhammer for the most part. That’s why when it comes to breaking things on purpose, there’s only one tool to turn to.

The jackhammer is based on sledgehammers and chisel. Before, these two tools were used in specific kinds of things but take extra time just to get a specific job done. Since human beings are so smart, the jackhammer was born. It’s a combination of the two aforementioned tool that offers better speed and accuracy when wrecking concrete, rock, and pavement. Gone are the days when brute force is needed, instead, a few button switches and a bit of an expertise will be needed, making it more efficient and less tedious.

In this generation, the need for a quick fix on the road is much needed especially that we’re living in a high-paced, busy life. Long busy lanes will start to increase whenever a road needs to be fixed since it requires for that specific lane to be closed. The need for jackhammer in this type of scenario has never been this high and while it certainly gets the job done, there’s one thing where it falls short – flexibility. A compressor, about half of a car is carried along with a jackhammer, providing the power needed to break things. The current problem is aimed to be eradicated by the emergence of an electric jackhammer.

XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer


Ever watched Texas Chainsaw movie? Except you’re using a jackhammer, in this case. Considered as the number one best-selling jackhammer, the XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer aims to break anything that gets in its way. Whether its demolition, chipping, trenching, or breaking holes the lightweight jackhammer can easily get the job done in no time. What’s interesting is that it can be used by a female with its 15kg of weight sans the cord. No worries when the female needs to the dirty job for you.

The jackhammer features a powerful 2200 watt input motor that’s also available 2800 watt for those who’re seeking more breaking power. That 2200 watt power translates to 1400/min blows per minute leaving things wrecked behind. The package includes a 1-1/18” bull point chisel and flat chisel for specific use as well as oil feeder, glove, hexagon bat wrench, safety google, and safety mask to ensure safety and productivity. Keeping things in once place won’t be a problem as it comes with its own blowmod case.

Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer


Arguably one of the coolest jackhammer in terms of design, the all-aluminum black color of the Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer makes you feel like a bad man intensity from the movie that’s about to rock-a-hole on the ground. This rugged-looking jackhammer packs a powerful 11.3 amp motor in which can power 1,800 blows or impacts per minute accompanied by 45 joules of force that breaks through ground, brick, rock, and concrete with ease. If the work requires continuing even under extreme weather season, the heavy duty all metal construction clad in industrial sandblasted powder coating finish will protect it from any corrosion of the material.

The helical gear system operates quietly with fewer vibrations for smooth usage and last longer that reduces premature wear out. Control-wise, it’s flexibility is led by the 360 degree swivel auxiliary handle featuring non-slip grip in providing control and support for the whole operation. Along the package will be 2-pieces of drop forged and heat treated allow steel chisels measuring 16” point chisel and 16” flat chisel. PLUS, an oil container, 3 wrenches, 4 extra carbon brushes, 1 safety protection kit complete with goggles and work gloves. Adding portability to it will be the blow molded case with rolling wheels for easy transportation.

TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer


What’s the use of a strong jackhammer if your life is in danger? Funny but it’s true. Using a jackhammer is no toy and requires expertise to safely use it. And while keeping safety in mind, the TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer passed certain American and German safety and durability standards to deliver a carefree demolition of hard surfaces. A certification that drills to the most detailed part of this jackhammer – the 176-hour of proven durability. Every component was carefully chosen to build this powerful jackhammer that weighs about 32 pounds while delivering an extreme 1,800 blows per minute with 45 impact joules that comes from its 11 amp motor.

For jackhammer experts, the specs boast of the dual bearing armature, 360 degrees swivel auxiliary handle, plastic molded roll-out case, 55 HRC modulus gears, and carbon brushes with extended life. For total portability, it comes with a blow-molded case with durable metal clips and rollers for security. Some accessories that you’ll get are hex/spade/flat chisels, and safety goggles and working gloves for comfort and protection.

TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer


Another TR Industrial product has entered our best list and packs almost all the same excellent features from its successor. If you don’t mind trimming down the features a bit but maintains the overall functionality and quality, the TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer will do you good in your daily wrecking needs. Just like its successor, it underwent the 176-hour durability test that adheres to the safety of the user and durability of the jackhammer itself. The motor is being powered by 11 amps of electricity that delivers a full-load impact rate of 1800 per minute with 45 joules of impact power.

Drilling to almost any hard surface that you can see as key supports includes one hex-pointed and flat chisel, two wrenches, and an oil container. For safety, it already comes with safety goggles and suede working gloves. The rest of the features list double insulation, 360 degrees swivel auxiliary handle, carbon brushes with extended life – all in the plastic molded roll-out case.

Sky Enterprise Demolition Electric Jack Hammer


Amongst the modern-looking jackhammers out there, the Sky Enterprise Demolition Electric Jack Hammer stands out the most that combine traditional and modern in one product. The look and design resemble of that machine gun used in military artillery clad in commando green all over with a heavy duty stainless steel metal case. The hex-pointed and flat chisel even is even powdered with gold color as if it’s the bullet of the machine gun, in this case, the jackhammer.

The commando-looking jackhammer gains power from its 1240 watts motor and produces 1400RPM. The swivel side handle features a 360 degrees rotation for ease of use. The included package will be a side handle, a spanner, a hex key, safety goggles, bottle of oil, and a pair of working gloves. Its overall size measures 28.2 x 12.1 x 6.8 inches weighing 44 pounds.

What to Look For

Looking for an electric jackhammer isn’t that hard given that you know the specs and features and how it works during actual usage. For you to be sure you’ll be spending less time drilling and spending more time fixing, check these things first.

  • IPM and BMP – impacts per minute and blows per minute are based on the power of the motor. It’s just a simple number case where the higher it is, the better. However, it becomes more apparent to look at if the price can justify its blow and impact.
  • Cases – most jackhammers come with cases, however, it depends on the material used. Jackhammers are heavy to carry so a durable case is needed. Plastic-based are light to carry but metal-based is more durable.
  • Standard Certification – for once, certification became an integral part of a product. When it comes to hazardous objects, certification is important as it proves if it’s safe to use and safe for the user. Jackhammers that passed certification are for sure, comes with safety procedures and features all throughout the drilling process.


Electric jackhammer is an ideal alternative from the usual jackhammer with large compressors that aims to give flexibility and portability to users. With the listed best electric jackhammer above, expect every stubborn surface to be wrecked and destroyed at the end of the day. But when it comes to choosing a good electric jackhammer for your needs, you need to consider a few things. The impact per minute and blows per minute, the case used for safe keeping and transportation, and the standard certification for safety procedures.

It’s important to take note of these especially when you’re a professional. You’ll be drilling countless times so a good quality jackhammer is of utmost importance to your job. And considering its price, you won’t want to buy another one again,