Best Electric Typewriters

Before anything else – yes, typewriters are still alive and kicking, and there are even markets for it, even in the 21st century. Albeit just about everything these days are littered with computers and digital screens, others still want to use a good typewriter for typing up documents. However, it doesn’t mean that these individuals don’t want a touch of modern-day technology for their typewriters. If you’re such an individual, then you might want to use an electric typewriter to bring a touch of nostalgia and modern technology at your fingertips.

Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter

Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter

The Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter is designed for different types of individuals, which include the student, the small business owner, or the average home user. It has a professional touch keyboard with a 65-character correction memory embedded into the device. This device is a portable electric typewriter, which means that you can bring it to your friend’s house if required.

Nakajima WPT-150 Electronic Typewriter

Nakajima WPT-150 Electronic Typewriter

The Nakajima WPT-150 Electronic Typewriter presents itself to the market with a full line correction memory with 90 maximum characters of correction. It has a programmable 12 position tabulation and an automatic word correction feature.

Smith Corona Portable Electric Typewriter SD 680

The Smith Corona Portable Electric Typewriter SD 680 is a desktop unit that might have a permanent place in your home, but it does work well with what it can do. It can help you type up pieces of text with its full line correction feature, and it even comes with a small but readable screen.

What to Look For?

When you’re searching for electric typewriters, know that they fall under two major categories, them being desktops and portable units. What are the main differences between these two classifications of electric typewriters?

Desktop electric typewriters are generally larger devices in comparison to portable units. These models are also more expensive than their more compact counterparts. Also, they also have more features and a more durable construction. However, desktop electric typewriters are commonly the more expensive models in comparison to when you’re looking at portable electric typewriters.

On the other hand, portable electric typewriters may have fewer features, less durability levels, and are smaller than their desktop cousins, but they’re definitely cheaper than most. As such, it all boils down to personal preference when selecting the best electric typewriter, as well as your current spending allowance. If your budget allows it and you don’t plan on bringing the electric typewriter wherever you may want to go, then the desktop model is the perfect fit for you. However, if you’re a bit pressed for cash but still want an electric typewriter, then perhaps you ought to consider buying and using the portable unit.


When searching for the best electric typewriter, it’s important to know where to look. If you just purchase any electric typewriter sitting on a store shelf, then you may be spending more than you need to and perhaps you may even buy a low-quality unit without you being the wiser.