Best Garage Vacuums

In cleaning large spaces composed of wet and dry debris such as in your garage, you’ll need to use a heavy duty vacuum machine that can suck every piece of dirt, slime, and garbage without damaging the machine itself. It has to be specially built in order for you to confidently use it for garages. Most garage vacuums are central vacuum cleaners which are usually mounted on the wall of your garage. It has a long vacuum tube so you can easily reach inside your car for your vacuum needs. A good garage vacuum comes with different vacuum suction sizes and shapes in order for you to reach the nooks and crannies of your car’s interior. You can also do some last minute clean-up around your garage. Even if you have dirty and wet garage floor, you can vacuum the spills using this a heavy-duty garage vacuum.

Even though there are central vacuum cleaners that are specially used for car and garage use, there are actually strong wet and dry vacuums that have a portable design. The strong suction power of garage vacuums can efficiently clean any dirt, dust, and debris inside and outside your car. It’s also efficient in cleaning up your garage without you worrying about the accumulation of dirt, dust, and wetness inside the vacuum container. It’s specially built to withstand any type of dirt and the overall construction of an amazing garage vacuum is durable. There are reasonably priced ones that you can use for light cleaning, and then there are heavy duty ones for heavier cleaning tasks. Whatever type you might be looking for, you can use this list as a reference for your purchase.

Armor All 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

The most popular garage vacuum we found in the market is this portable one by Amor All. This wet and dry garage vacuum is used for picking up debris inside your car as well as sucking up even wet stains inside and outside your car. If your children accidentally spilled their juice on the car seat, you don’t have to stress over how you can remedy the soiled car seat when you can just suck it all up using this garage vacuum. Unlike other products, this has a reasonable price that’s budget-friendly. It also comes with different sets of vacuum heads that you can use for different parts of the interior of your car.

The storage space of this vacuum can hold as much as 2.5 gallon which is perfect for light car cleaning. It has a two horsepower that’s built to provide enough suction power to clean your car efficiently. Since this product has a portable design, you can easily carry this inside your car in order to reach the difficult areas of your car without any hassles. It’s also light in weight so you won’t have any problem carrying this around. The 6-foot hose is perfect for car use and you can even use the 10-foot cord that comes with your purchase in order to effectively plug this to your electric socket. When your storage space is nearing overflow, the vacuum itself will automatically shut off. A lot of people actually recommend this convenient garage vacuum.

Shop-Vac 5986000 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

The next product on our list is a best-selling one that has a heavy-duty design. This specially designed for some wet and dry cleaning inside your car and inside your garage. The overall construction is made of high-quality and heavy duty materials. The tank itself is made of stainless steel that can hold a lot of debris, dust and liquid debris that you cleaned. This comes in roll casters that you can roll around so you don’t have to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner when you go about inside your garage. You also get a power cord that’s 6 foot long so you can plug this vacuum cleaner to an outlet inside your garage. Not only can you vacuum using this product, you can also use this as a blower so you can just blow away dust and debris from your garage.

With the amazing suction power of this product, you can easily clean your house from inside and out. This heavy-duty vacuum cleaner comes with an array of vacuum heads that you can interchange depending on the location of your cleaning duties. If you need to clean the interior of your car, you can switch to the slim and long vacuum head. If you need to vacuum your car seat or your carpet, you can switch to the other vacuum head that has a wide mouth. Whatever vacuum needs that you have this product can adequately supply you with. Even if you have stubborn pet fur sticking everywhere you can effectively suck it all up using this product.

Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower, VBV1210

This is another highly rated product that we found in the market and the good thing about this is it’s a heavy-duty one that you can rely on. Whether you need to clean the filthy interior of your car or you need to clean-up the entirety of your garage, you can easily do that with the help of the amazing suction power of this wet and dry vacuum. It even comes with a detachable blower so you can just blow away all the dust and debris that has reached the interior of your garage. Some people use the blower to clean their leaves-ridden backyard. You just switch this vacuum machine with the blower and you instantly get an efficient cleaning tool that can give an order to the chaos of your backyard.

The overall construction of this product is quite sturdy since this is made of high-quality materials. You can also see for yourself that this is quite durable. It comes with a 7 feet hose so you can reach even the most difficult parts of the interior of your car. You can also roll this around since it has wheels at the bottom. You don’t have to carry a heavy machinery this way. With this, you also get a 12 feet cord in order for you to plug this into your electric supply. There are two extension wands that you can use as well as a car nozzle that’s specially built for car interior cleaning. It also comes with a crevice nozzle so you can reach the nooks and cranny of your car. With the blower nozzle and noise diffuser, you can easily blow away any dust and debris. This heavy-duty must have is worth its price.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner GUV ProGrade Garage Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum L2310

The next product on our list is a central vacuum cleaner that you mount on your garage wall. This Hoover Vacuum cleaner might be a lot more expensive compared to the other products we’ve listed here but this is actually the ideal vacuum cleaner that’s used for the garage. It has a longer vacuum use so you can easily reach the interior of your car as well as reach the different areas of your garage when you have to clean it up. This is a high-capacity product that can do so much more that portable wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Even though it has a rugged design, it’s built for heavy duty cleaning duties inside your garage as well as for workshops.

When it comes to mounting this on your wall, you can easily accomplish that since this product has a built-in mounting assembly. The advantage of using a central vacuum cleaner like this one which is built to be mounted on the wall is you don’t have to worry about added floor space when it comes to storing your vacuum cleaners. The powerful suction this vacuum cleaner can bring is due to its 10 amp motor. Even though this has a powerful suction ability, it’s surprisingly quiet. With this product, you get about 7 cleaning attachments that’ll suit different vacuum needs. You get two crevice tools you can use for your car’s interior as well as two extension wands. You get one floor nozzle, one dusting brush, and one upholstery nozzle. It even comes with a self-cleaning filter that’s so convenient to use.

BISSELL Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Complete Wall-Mounting System

The last product on our list is another heavy-duty central vacuum cleaner that you need to mount on the wall. Central vacuum cleaners are actually the ideal type of vacuum cleaners that’s suited for garages and workshops. Not only do they have strong suction power, they also have a larger storage capacity so you don’t need to keep on throwing away the contents of your storage space. The storage space of this product has a semi-translucent container so you can see the level of dirt, debris, and water inside of it for you to dispose of before it overflows. This product comes with a long vacuum cord in order for you to reach different areas of your garage as well as reach the interior of your car.

What makes this product amazing is you can also use this as a blower. When you need to clean the accumulated dust and debris inside your garage and workshop, you can just blow it all outside by switching the nozzle of this vacuum cleaner with the nozzle head included in your purchase. There are also 7 different attachments that you can use similar to the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner that’s suited for different vacuum needs. Unlike the smaller vacuum cleaners, this product has a 4-gallon dirt tank. Its huge capacity means you don’t have to worry about overflowing it when you’re cleaning.


You don’t have to feel lost when it comes to choosing the best garage vacuum. The products here are scrutinized individually in order for you to choose the perfect one that suits your needs. Make sure that you choose one that can do an amazing performance that’s worth its price.