Best German Cookbooks

The first thing you need to know about German cuisine is it evolved with the different social and political changes of the country. Different regions have a different variation of German dishes. Some parts of German dishes even has influences from Austrian and Swiss cuisine. If you have a taste for German dishes then you can make them yourselves. As long as you have a reliable German cookbook to guide you through the cooking process then you can recreate delicious and authentic German meals. Here are some of the best German cookbook you can find on the market.

The German Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Mastering Authentic German Cooking Hardcover

This is a highly recommended German cookbook that you can purchase. You can get the hardcover one or you can download the app. If you want to cook authentic German dishes then this is the best guide to use. You can make delicious soups, desserts, baked goods and other recipes that are easy to follow thanks to the renowned cookbook author Mimi Sheraton. You can find old Bavarian recipes here, but you also get updated ones and even lesser-known recipes only a native from Germany would know and for you to try. Discover German dishes with this cookbook.

Grandma’s German Cookbook Hardcover

This is another amazing German cookbook that you can rely on. It comes with a hardcover at such an affordable price. You can find recipes on how to make the crispiest fried potatoes, delicious steamed dumplings and even the most succulent creamy jelly rolls that are stuffed with raspberries and other German delicacies. There are 85 classic German recipes that you can try. From roasts to desserts you can make authentic German dishes by following the simple instructions provided by this cookbook. You can take price in the dish you made by relying on this cookbook.

Biergarten Cookbook Hardcover

This is another highly recommended German cookbook that you can check out. If you’re fond of the delicious dishes found in Biergarten which is part of Bavaria then you’ll surely love the recipes that you can find in this cookbook. From meat patties, roast pork and different sausage salads as well as how to make Bavarian desserts and cakes, you can find everything in this cookbook. You can now enjoy your German picnic filled with delicious dishes from this popular region of Germany by recreating delicious dishes found in this cookbook. Surprise your family with your German cooking.


Surprise your family and friends with your authentic German dishes that you personally made with the guidance of the best German cookbook. There are different types of recipes that you can try out. Even though you’re not a professional chef, with the right German cookbook that can provide you with simple instructions on how to recreate the dishes you can now make different types of German dishes anytime. From succulent desserts to the most savory and aromatic meat dishes, you can now enjoy German dishes anytime you wanted to.