Best Grill Gloves

Have you ever experienced grilling steaks or cooking barbecued food in your backyard with nothing protecting your delicate hands? Then you’ll know it’s not going to be a pretty picture to paint in your mind. For those who don’t know what’s going to happen, chances are you’re going to get your hands burnt from the splattering pieces of food and oil. While the damage is significantly minimal at most, it’s still quite an annoyance when it happens. As such, you need to have the best grill gloves worn at all times to help you cook your favorite dishes without worry of getting burnt in the process.

Jolly Green Products Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves

The Jolly Green Products Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves brings 425-degree heat protection to your hands. It comes into the market with a rip-resistant silicone construction, and you’ll also take advantage of its non-slip surface.

G & F 1682 Dupont Nomex Heat Resistant Gloves

The G & F 1682 Dupont Nomex Heat Resistant Gloves can withstand the heat of up to 480-degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it has a DuPont Nomex and Kevlar construction to allow for significant heat and flame resistance.

Grace Kitchenwares Silicone BBQ Cooking Gloves

The Grace Kitchenwares Silicone BBQ Cooking Gloves is unlike many other grill gloves on the market as it comes as a set. You’ll get the silicone gloves, a meat shredder, and a set of recipe books in the package.

What to Look For?

Note that there are several types of grill gloves on the market, but their main characteristic that differentiates one from the other is the primary material used in their constructions. Let’s start with silicone grill gloves; with silicone being a rubber-like material, it can withstand high heat while keeping your hands protected from any chance of food, oil, and sauce spitting out from your grill. Silicone is also incredibly malleable and many manufacturers of silicone grill gloves will make their products 100% waterproof.

There are also grill gloves made with woven fabric. Although it may sound reasonably weak, do note that woven fabric is usually found in the creation of ballistic-rated body armor. Woven fabric can tolerate a significant amount of heat, and it’s by far one of the best choices you can get when you’re searching for grill gloves on the market.

Lastly, you ought to consider treated leather for your grill gloves. Even though treated leather can withstand a high level of temperature, it’s not, by any reason, heatproof. As a fair warning for anyone who wants to use treated leather grill gloves, never prolong its contact with active flame as you might put the additional risk of the gloves catching fire in the process.


The grill glove market is saturated with a vast array of models. Each company will throw fancy words to their products’ descriptions to lure customers into buying their merchandise. Instead of falling for those words, make sure to choose your gloves wisely. Follow this guide to make sure you arrive at a sound conclusion to your search.