Best Handheld Fans

A portable handheld fan is very useful to a lot of people. Consider this scenario – imagine yourself at a big sporting event but it’s scorching hot outside. Instead of trying to make do with cold beverages that ultimately become warm after a few minutes of holding the cup in your hand, you’d want some extra wind power to make sure that you’re not going to suffer from heat stroke. Furthermore, handheld fans are generally battery-powered models. As such, if a power outage does occur in your area and its hot outside, then you’re going to be prepared since you’ve got a portable fan with you at all times.

Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan,White,One Size

The Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan enables a whisper quiet operation so you don’t have to disturb others in your surroundings when you just want to have a cool breeze flowing through your face in times when you most need it. This particular handheld fan does require 4 AA batteries to operate, and these aren’t included in the package.

DLX Necklace Fan DSP

The DLX Necklace Fan DSP presents itself to the market with a unique approach to bringing cool air to hot weather. You can wear this device on your neck or you can just place it inside your bag when you’re not using it.

VersionTech Foldable Personal Portable Desktop Table Cooling Fan

The VersionTech Foldable Personal Portable Desktop Table Cooling Fan is a desktop model even though it does have a long handle that comes with the device. Its unique design does bring excellent wind power, which is ideal for those sweltering days.

What to Look For?

In choosing the right handheld fan, do note that these are generally made for use during specific scenarios. Also, there are two main types of portable fans that you can find on the market, them being the following: desk models or variants with handles.

What’s the difference between these two handheld fan designs? The shape of the fan determines its main use. For desktop friendly portable fans, then you don’t have to worry about holding it all the time when you want that extra cool breeze blowing at your face in times when you most need it. On the other hand, having a handheld fan with a handle allows you great flexibility regarding where you want to use the device, like the sports event example we mentioned in the introduction of this post.

Aside from the design and construction of the handheld fan, you should also think about the size of the device. There are some handheld fans that are so compact that you can literally place them inside your pocket and just pull them out whenever you need it. However, there are some fans that are still considered handheld but aren’t as portable as they would seem because of their large size.


The Internet is filled with a broad range of selections for handheld fans, and it might be confusing for the first-time buyer to choose the right one for their specific requirements. You can make this post to be your go-to guide when searching for the best handheld fan on the market.