Best High Velocity Fans

Summer time is here and the heat can be unbearable if you don’t have an efficient cooling system in your house and workplace. Air-condition is an efficient cooling system but it can consume a lot of energy. Some people opt to buy a high-velocity fan which targets specific places. You can direct the high-velocity fan to your direction if you wanted to. You can save a lot of energy when you use a fan especially when you’re working or living in a room that only occupies a few people. Nevertheless, there are high-velocity fans that are so strong it can cool a big room such as a convention hall. You’ll need to use a couple of high-velocity fans in order to achieve that, though, and the strong wind can either disturb you when you’re too near the fan or can soothe the heat you feel when it’s positioned just right.

This product can be used at home or at the office. You can even install some high-velocity fans for huge rooms such as a convention hall or a theater in order to add some cooling power when there are a lot of people gathered together due to an event. You can also install high-velocity fans for some plays. Mimicking a snowstorm or thunderstorm can be achieved when you use an efficient and strong high-velocity fan. A little bit of faux snow and some debris that’s part of the props during a play with the help of a high-velocity fan are some of the things you’ll need to make your play a success. If you’re looking for the best high-velocity fan for whatever reason, you can check this list that we’ve gathered.

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

The most popular high-velocity fan that we found in the market is this one. A lot of people highly recommend this product, and for a good reason. This is a reasonably priced high-velocity fan that has a Turbo force design that can provide you with a more than enough cooling action from its rotating blades. Its aerodynamic design is specially designed to give you maximum air circulation and movement. If you wanted to purchase a high-velocity fan in order to save energy while accomplishing efficient air circulation, this is the perfect product to use. It’s designed to give you intense personal cooling action in an energy-saving manner. This is a great value product that’s worth its price.

Some high-velocity fans can be really loud. This product is a lot quieter compared to other brands. The size of this one is perfect. It’s 11.10 inches in length, 6.54 inches in width and 11.30 inches in height. You can place this on a table or you can mount this on your wall for more convenience. The size and build of this high-velocity fan are so versatile, you’ll surely love this. The head of this fan can pivot 90 degrees. You can choose from three speeds and the 7 inches blade of this fan is more than enough to give you enough cooling action once you turn this thing on. Even though this is a strong fan, it won’t blow things off. It can give you that vortex of cooling air without disrupting the order of your room.

Lasko 3300 Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling

The next product on our list is another highly rated high-velocity fan. The price is quite reasonable for such a high-quality and efficient fan. The size is perfect. It’s large enough to accommodate a huge room but it’s not that large that you can’t carry it when you need to. You can easily carry it and move it to a position that you wanted since it has a handle built into its design. This comes as a fully-assembled product. You don’t have to stress over assembling a high-velocity fan and once you got this, you can use it immediately. It’s safe to use and easy to use at the same time. It has a rugged design and durable construction that’s worth its price. You can easily pivot the head to the direction that you wanted too.

This high-velocity fan can be really loud. That’s one of the things high-velocity fan are known for. If you’re not bothered by loud noises then it might not come as a problem for you. The cooling action of this product is amazing, though. It can save a lot of energy too, compared to using an air conditioner. It has a simple design and using it is a no-brainer at all. It comes with a dirty-white color which is great. Using a white high-velocity fan can be such a drag when it becomes yellowish after a few years. You can get your money’s worth with this product. Its quality is good, its construction amazing and its performance in providing you a cooling action great.

Westpointe HVF4-RPBlue High-Velocity Personal Fan

Here’s another inexpensive yet great high-velocity fan we found in the market that you might like to check out. This is an ideal product to use when you want to personally cool yourself at home or at your workplace. Unlike other products which can only give you 90 degrees of rotation, this high-velocity fan gives you 360 degrees of cooling action. Where can you find an amazing product like that? Even though this fan comes in a small package, it’s packed with enough cooling action that you’ll need when the weather is hot beyond compare. You can place this on your desk or table easily since it has a small size. It’s very light in weight too. It’s a very hand fan that you can use anywhere.

You can adjust the head of this fan the way you wanted it to be in order to focus the airflow that you wanted. This fan has a 4 inches metal blade and the fan itself is made of a durable metal material. This only comes in one-speed setting, though, but it’s strong enough and more than sufficient in providing you with the right level of cooling action that you needed. You have to remember, this is a little high-velocity fan so you can’t really expect this to cool a huge room. This is a handy and portable high-velocity fan that you can use for personal use and it’s small enough that it can fit a small area of your table in order for it to focus its airflow to your direction. A lot of people are quite thankful that they were able to stumble upon this product. You might love this too.

Lasko 2265QM Max Performance High-Velocity Floor/Wall mount fan

This is another highly rated and highly recommended high-velocity fan that we were able to find in the market. The price of this one is very reasonable for such a high-quality and heavy duty high-velocity fan. If you’re looking for a fan that’s big and strong enough to cool an entire room then you’re in luck if you come across this fan. This fan has a patented three-pronged fuse that you can safely plug. This is listed by the ETL as one of the safest high-velocity fan sold in the market. There’s no need to assemble this once you buy this. It’s comes fully assembled and ready to use. It’s super easy to use too which is a huge plus too.

The design of this fan is made to last for a very long time. The materials used in constructing this high-velocity are all high-quality and durable. Even though this is made of metal, it’s light in weight and you can easily carry this and position it where you wanted the flow of cooling air to be. It has some rubber pads on its foot part in order to protect the surface areas where you place this fan. The price of this product is great and reasonable too. It doesn’t produce a lot of noise, just your typical white noise produced by a high-powered appliance. It can cool the air around you sufficiently which is what a high-velocity fan should be.

Patton PUF1810C-BM High-Velocity Fan

The last product on our list is this reasonably priced one that’s highly recommended by a lot of people. This fan is powered by a powerful motor. The large blade of this fan, together with its powerful motor, are what makes this fan so successful in giving you enough cooling action. The size of this one is perfect for you to use at home or in your office. The blade is specifically designed to move air a lot. The metal construction of the blade and the overall fan is tough and can withstand any harsh environment. You can choose from three-speed settings that come with this high-velocity fan. You can tilt the head of the fan to the direction of the air flow that you wanted.

If you’re looking for a huge fan that can cool an entire room then this is the perfect product to purchase. The cage itself is about 20 inches wide and the base about 24 inches wide. You can imagine how big this fan is, but it’s not too big that you can’t lift it and position it to the right direction that you wanted. The motor of this fan produces significant heat but not something that’ll trouble you. It’s not that noisy other, unlike other high-velocity fans. If you’re not a fan of air conditioners but wanted to keep yourself cool especially during the hot summer season then you can rely on this high-powered high-velocity fan to keep you cool.


You can keep yourself cool and save a lot of energy when you use the best high velocity fan. There are a lot of them sold in the market. Choose the one that has a great quality, good cooling action and has a reasonable price.