Best Hose Carts

Gone are the days when we have to manual drag hoses across wide areas because hose carts can do that for us. These carts have wheels that allow us to drag it around easily and without much effort. It also makes rewinding the hose easier and faster than before. Each hose cart is designed differently but all with the same goal of making the task easier and faster. Here are the top 3 hose carts in the market that people have highly-rated and reviewed.

The AMES Companies, Inc. Hose Cart

If you’re looking for a minimalist design, then The AMES Companies, Inc. sells a hose cart that is distinctly white and very minimal with its design. This design is very attractive and shows a smooth-side to the product. Not only that, this product is also very affordable. This hose cart can hold up 175 feet of 5/8-inch hoses. If you’re worried about its durability for its price, worry no more because it’s made to for all poly construction. Each package of this hose cart comes with a leader hose. It also has wheels to help you bring it around easily.

Liberty Garden Products Hose Cart

If you’re looking for a more convenient hose cart, this one from Liberty Garden Products comes with four wheels to help you drag it around without much effort. You can either use it for gardening. Landscaping or commercial needs. It can hold up to 300 feet of a 5/8-inch hose. You can also guarantee that this has a non-slip handle. This is made with a 13-gauge steel coated with durable powder to help make it weather-resistant. It has brass fixtures and a 90-degree swivel connector. You won’t ever trip with this one because of the low center of gravity.

Rapid Eel Hose Cart

A unique looking hose cart is being sold by Rapid Eel. Unlike other hose carts, the design guarantees that it’s balanced enough to ensure mobility. It also features a heavier brass swivel and a new braking system. The handles of this hose cart are also bevy comfortable and will give you a tight hold. Its design with a rugged frame and wide-wheel base will make the cart very stable to allow elevation to a comfortable, back-saving height that makes rewinding easier. It’s made with diecast aluminum that will make it durable like any other.

What to look for

These hose carts have on thing in common and that’s to help make the task easier. So here’s a list of things you need to consider when looking for the best one:

  • Material – what is the hose cart made of? The most common material is gauge steel because it’s very durable but you can also opt for aluminum.
  • Design – check if the design of the hose cart will suit your needs and will help you finish faster. The design must also compliment the task you’ll use the cart for.


With the abundance of carts with great designs, you can easily bring those hoses around.