Best Ice Cream Scoopers

Summer is almost here again and no matter how much we love the sun there’s just so much heat that anyone could take. A great way to beat the summer heat is by devouring ice cream. If we’re outside we usually just buy a single serving of ice cream in a cone or cup but when you’re grocery shopping you’ll usually get a whole tub. Having ice cream at home is a great thing but we often struggle with getting our share since it does get hard. Given this, it’s best to have an ice cream scooper handy. Below is a list of the best ice cream scoopers in the market which would hopefully help you in choosing the best one for you.

OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

The usual trouble that people have with ice cream inside tubs is that they usually become too hard when left inside the freezer for too long. When it’s too hard it’s almost impossible to get the amount of ice cream you want especially if you have a spoon. This OXO ice cream scooper has pointed tip making it easier to scoop up even hard ice cream. The sides of the scooper are also flat so you can scrape up even the sides of your ice cream tub.

Aside from great functionality, this scooper also values your comfort. It has rubber handles giving you better grip and wouldn’t have to worry about it slipping away. The metal scoop wouldn’t tarnish or decolor so you’re sure that you would be safe from contamination. The only drawback to this is that it doesn’t have a trigger. Despite this, it still got great reviews from previous customers showing that it delivers on its promises.

SUMO Ice Cream Scoop

Looking for an ice cream scooper that might give a pop of color in your kitchen? This SUMO ice cream scooper might just be what you’re looking for. This scooper has a bright handle that would catch the attention of children as well so you can include your child when you’re assembling their ice cream. The handle is also made of rubber and is non-slip. This would lessen the strain you have on your hands and would also prevent redness.

This scooper is also made of stainless steel so you and your family will be safe from rust and other contaminants. This also means that you can use the scooper longer. It’s BPA free and is made of food grade metal. It’s very convenient since it’s dishwasher safe so no need to clean it manually. Unfortunately, like the first scooper on the list this also doesn’t have a trigger.

Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop

Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop, 2 Ounce

Difficulty with scooping up ice cream that’s too cold and hard could be easily solved with this Zerrold ice cream scooper. It has heat conducive liquid inside that would eat the scooper to the hard tab of ice cream. The liquid would also help in easier transfer of ice cream from the scooper to the cup. With this, you won’t need a trigger anymore.

The design of this scooper is simple and straightforward. It’s a great functional piece that would be great in any kitchen. It got mostly positive feedback from previous customers. They loved that they were able to scoop ice cream easier with this. However, there were a few complaints about the liquid leaking in some cases.

Vktech Ice Cream Scoop Spoon

If cost effectiveness is one of your top concerns, you can’t be more cost effective than this ice cream scooper from Vktech. This offers you three sizes of ice cream scoopers with just one purchase. Now you can have various sizes of scoops depending on how much you or your loved one wants. This also makes it a perfect cookie making tool since you can have varying scoops of batter.

Another great thing about this scooper is that it has a trigger. This would ensure that you won’t have a hard time transferring the ice cream from your scooper to your cup. Aside from that, ice cream would also not be wasted. This received great reviews from previous customers. They loved the variety that they have in one purchase and they also like that it’s not too hard on their hands.

Boston Warehouse Ice Cream Spade

Want something that’s unique and great functional novelty item? If so, then this Boston Warehouse ice cream scooper is the one for you. It’s main scooper has a different shape from other scoopers. This design allows you to scoop out ice cream easier and more effectively. The whole scoop also resembles a whale making it a great tool for your child when they want to help in the kitchen. It’s also great for themed parties.

Aside from the design, this also has great rubber handles. The handle is designed to make it easier for you to grip it. The design also allows you to have less strain on your hands while you’re scooping. Customers love the design and functionality of this scooper. They also liked that it’s part of a set kitchen tools that are all animal themed,

What to Look For?

The list above hopefully helped you give bird’s eye view of what ice cream scoopers are available in the market. However, even with this list choosing the right one could still be a bit confusing. We know the struggle so we’ve listed the top qualities of ice cream scoopers that you should look out for. This would help you pick the perfect one no matter where you are in your decision making process.

  1. Ease of use – The reason why we buy a tool is to make our life easier and to do tasks for efficiently. Given in this knowledge, you should look for an ice cream scooper that is easy to use and won’t give you a hard time even if you try to scoop up hard ice cream. The scooper should have specialized designs that would allow it to pierce through hard ice cream easily and efficiently. Some features that make it easy to scoop up hard ice cream are pointed tips or heat conductive parts. Aside from this, the handle should also be rubberized or has some sort of soft covering so you won’t need to worry about having strains and redness on your hands. These would also give a non-slip grip to your scooper making it easier to manipulate.
  2. Food grade – Almost all scoopers are made of metal and this means that you should ensure that the metal used is good grade. This means that they won’t contaminate your ice cream in any way. The usual ways of contamination is transferring of taste and color. This is the reason why sometimes when we eat we get a slight taste of metal on our tongues. The scooper should also be stainless and should be free of any harmful substances such as BPA. This would ensure that you’ll always be safe no matter how long you’ve been using your scooper or how much it is exposed to environmental factors.
  3. Durability- Ice cream scoopers aren’t the most expensive equipment in your kitchen so most of the time we don’t really place close attention to its durability. However, no matter how simple it may be, we should still see to it that our purchase won’t suddenly fail us when we need it the most. Ensuring that it’s durable would help us in knowing how long we’ll be able to have our scooper. To check for the durability, you should check the quality of the metal and the handle. The metal shouldn’t be too thin that it would bend easily once it hits that thick and hard straight-from-the-freezer ice cream. The handle should be attached securely to the main scooper especially if it’s made of rubber. If the scooper has a trigger, the springs shouldn’t look loose or look like they’ll get sprung out after a couple of uses.


Ice cream scoopers are great to have in your kitchen. They would allow you to get your scoop of ice cream neatly and without any spills. This is also a great way to control how much your child — or you — is eating. Ice cream scoopers are also lifesavers during parties. You won’t have to scratch your head over which spoon would work best because your ice cream scooper would be more than enough. This would also make scooping up ice cream easier and hassle free even if the ice cream got too hard in the refrigerator.

We hope that thee tips above would help you in choosing the best ice cream scooper for your needs. These tips are there to help you choose the best one so it’s best that you see to it that all boxes are checked. Focusing on one aspect is also not a good thing since this might actually cause you to buy a product that you’d regret in the long run.