Best Iced Tea Pitchers

Arguably, iced tea is the most common drink all over the world. Wherever you go, whatever country, whatever restaurant, iced tea is always on the menu. Heck, it’s the standard drink that goes along with almost any meal unless you opt to have it changed to soft drink or water. With iced tea becoming more of a water alternative, making an iced tea at home is very easy. Mixing your own iced tea means that you can create as much as you can. If you’re at home, you better serve the whole family with the best-iced tea pitcher in town.

Takeya Airtight Pitcher

For the best-iced tea pitcher, it makes sure every single member of the family gets served with the iced cold iced tea. For the Takeya Airtight Pitcher, it’s the perfect mom’s iced tea pitcher all thanks to the raspberry or pink color that comes with the handle and the lid. However, it can also be had in four more different colors – blueberry, black, and avocado. Regardless of the color, the Takeya Airtight Pitcher comes in a 2-quart size pitcher, equivalent to 8 servings of a full glass. Keeping the flavor and freshness intact insider the Takeya Airtight Pitcher will be the airtight and leakproof lid as highlighted by the color.

Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Pitcher

From the name itself, iced tea should be kept iced cold, cause if it’s not, it’s only tea basically. Enough with the jokes, for the Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Pitcher, you’ll never drink un-cold iced tea again. As for the reason why it’s that the Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Pitcher seems to be a whole set when purchased. The Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Pitcher features its own ice container inside. With a size of 72 ¾ oz, the Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Pitcher completes the set with a jug, ice tube, lid, and stirrer. Made out of the glass from handle to body, it can be easily washed with a dishwasher except for the ice tube itself.

Hiware Borosilicate Glass Water Carafe Pitcher

If you’re looking for an iced tea pitcher that does more than being a pitcher itself, perhaps you might want to take a look at the next product. With the Hiware Borosilicate Glass Water Carafe Pitcher, you’re not only getting a pitcher but also a carafe all-in-all. The Hiware Borosilicate Glass Water Carafe Pitcher features a stainless steel infuser lid built on top of the all-glass body to the handle. The Hiware Borosilicate Glass Water Carafe Pitcher has a size of 50-oz. With the glass being out of borosilicate, it can withstand temp between 0 to 300 F. In other words, cold or hot water will just fine with it.


Picking out an iced tea pitcher out from the crowd isn’t that hard, we suppose. You just need something that’s big and can hold the liquid content, and voila, you’re done. However, if you take a look at a closer look, you can get an iced tea pitcher that comes with useful features such as an infuser among others. With that said, the best iced tea pitcher is Takeya Airtight Pitcher.