Best Incense Burners

Do you love the smell of incense? If so, then you definitely need an incense burner. Note that sticking incense on the ground on in between two pieces of rocks can pose a number of different concerns and problems. For one, the incense won’t have the proper amount of balance. If it falls, then you risk burning the area around it. There are even some reports of fires in which the cause of the incident is a piece of incense getting into contact with flammable material. So to avoid such a travesty from happening, you need an incense burner.

TrendBox Ceramic Handmade Incense Holder

If you want to add elegance to your garden or altar while making it smell heavenly, then you ought to consider buying the TrendBox Ceramic Handmade Incense Holder. This incense holder is also an ideal gift for anyone who has a liking to Eastern accessories. It has a handcrafted design, and it’s very durable. Interested buyers will also be happy to know that this burner is very easy to clean.

Incense Burner ~ Traditional Incense Holder

If you want to own a traditional incense burner, then Incense Burner ~ Traditional Incense Holder might be in your next To Buy list. This product has a 10-inch length and it comes with inlays.

Starwest Botanicals Incense Burner

Incense Burner Plain Wood - 1 pc

The Starwest Botanicals Incense Burner is a case of “what you see is what you get.” It’s painfully simple but it does get the job done by safely burning incense wherever you want.

What to Look For?

It’ll become immediately apparent for you that there are different types of incense burners on the market. Each type will have a varying set of designs and structures, and these characteristics can make it difficult for the first time buyer to select which incense burner to purchase.

You can start with the antique Asian incense burner; these are the models that are used by Buddhists to remember their dead. Shinto rituals also make use of this type of incense burner, as well as Hindus to celebrate festivals. The common shape of the antique Asian incense burner is that of a pot. There are also bowl and censer variants available on the market.

Aside from the antique Asian incense burner, there are also antique European incense burners. The primary use for such a burner was in religion as ancient Europeans use it during religious ceremonies. It’s not just incense that can be placed inside these ornate burners as you can also place charcoal in it as well.

You can also find Tibetan incense burners on the market. Albeit these are technically Asian incense burners, these models have a more specialized use. Tibetan burners are commonly used in the field of medicine, whereas most Asian incense burners are utilized in festivals and ceremonies.


Whether you’re a collector of fine pieces of antiques or you just want to smell the aroma of incense in your home, you definitely need the best incense burner. Do note, however, that some incense burners will carry a historical value in them. As such, purchasing these models might put a deep hole in your wallet.