Best Interactive Globes

If you go inside a classroom or let’s say a school in general, chances are you’re going to see an interactive globe at least once. Most likely you’ll see it inside a classroom or the library. The interactive globe provides a quick reference to the geo map of the world. With it being interactive means you can do more than search and point for a specific location that you’re looking for. Interactive globes actually come in different types – you have a desktop globe, floor globe, gemstone globe, and the common rotating globe. But compared to these, nothing beats the best interactive globe.

Kidzlane Interactive Globe

Getting the attention of your kid to the interactive globe seems impossible with this mobile world that we’re living in. With smartphones and tablets and other mobile devices available for them to be picked up, the classic use of an interactive globe is just lacking to be interesting at the very least. But with the best interactive globe that comes in the form of Kidzlane Interactive Globe, your kid will, for sure, enjoy time with it. Encouraging learning and discovery, the Kidzlane Interactive Globe can transform into illuminated constellation via sensors providing eye-catching room decoration as its additional use.

Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe

Interactive globes are interesting wherein the peak of interest is at by staring at them for a few seconds. That’s not how you want your kids to react after seeing one. To entice them more in interaction with the interactive globe, the Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe will let your kids be indulged into the world of illuminating world. Built for kids, the Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe comes with durable, non-tip base to keep it steady since kids tend to be energetic. The Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe features 8” of the detailed educational globe that lights up in the dark.

LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe

With devices being more hi-tech more than ever, an interactive globe should be able to keep up to the standards of technology in order to be relevant on the market. Fortunately, a manufacturer was able to think that and put some technological innovation to the usual interactive globe. With the LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe, you’re getting the futuristic experience of global interaction. The LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe lets you play the globe as a game that comes with world clock, interactive pen, headphone jack, and volume control. Why is that? It’s because it provides sounded facts about the world from continents down to the currency of each country. Moreover, it can be played by up to 4 players at the same time.


We guess, in this age, the type of interactive globe out there isn’t relevant anymore. With things of the past being reliant on technology as well as the way we live our lives, the only thing you need to do when looking for an interactive globe is to get the most interactive one with top of the line tech features, of course, if you can afford it. With that said, the best interactive globe is Kidzlane Interactive Globe.