Best Internal Aquarium Filters

Aquariums definitely need internal filters and these filters have been innovated to help you have a cleaner aquarium. Some of these filters are very affordable while some are quite expensive, nevertheless, these aquariums are made to work best to keep everything clean and clear. These filters are designed with 3 stages of filtration that will help you easily achieve what you want. The list below shows the top 3 filters in the market that people have highly rated.

Aqueon Internal Power Filter

This affordable internal aquarium filter from Aqueon is fully submersible whether it’s in a vertical or horizontal position. The return flow rate of this aquarium filter can be adjustable. The water return’s height and direction can also be adjusted according to how you want it. It has three stages of its filtration: dense foam for particles and debris, activated carbon for toxins, odors, and discoloration, and patented BioGrid for ammonia and nitrates. Aqueon Replacement cartridges are used for this aquarium filter. This is highly recommended for a 40-gallon tank with a flow rate of 155 GPH.

KollerCraft Aquarium Mini Internal Filter

Another affordable aquarium filter is this one from KollerCraft. It uses a compact power filter that also lets you adjust its flow rate from 10 to 45 gallons per hour. It’s designed with an integrated spray bar that creates an even flow of water. Greater surface agitation can be achieved with its direct flow diffuser. Unlike other filters, this is pretty easy to conceal within the aquarium and is ideal for desktop and NANO tanks up to 10 gallons in size.

MarineLand Internal Canister Filter

This one is significantly more expensive than other filters but definitely worth the price. It uses three different filtration stages that will ensure water clarity. It has a water polishing option that will remove fine debris. This has its own magnum polishing internal canister filter that can filter up to 290 gallons per hour and is great for aquariums that are up to 97 gallons in size. it doesn’t need any priming and the motor can immediately be submerged in the water with its easy setup. It has a dual-chamber media that allows you to customize it.

What to look for

There are a lot of different filters in the market and you definitely need to know the different aspects to consider when buying a filter. Here’s a list of them:

  • Filtration system – how will the filter function in the aquarium? One of the best ways is through a 3 stage filtration system so you know that it can thoroughly clean the aquarium and leave you with crystal clear waters.
  • Compatibility – up to what size can this filter work with? Definitely, know the size of the aquarium so you’d buy a filter that’s compatible with it.
  • Setup – look for a filter that you can easily setup and conceal once it’s in the aquarium. That way it doesn’t take up all that space and attention.


With these filters, you don’t have to worry about seeing murky waters. All you have to do is find the best one and you’re good to go.