Best Keychain Cameras

If you’re a detective at heart and you wanted to keep a keychain camera for your covert operations then you need to use the best keychain camera. Its compact design makes it easy for you to carry anywhere. It looks like a car key so the person you’re spying on won’t know that you’re actually spying on them. You can take all the photos and videos that you wanted in a discrete manner with this. An efficient keychain camera can even pick up even the most inaudible audio. Here are some of the best keychain camera you’ll find.

Lowpricenice Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera

This is the most popular keychain camera available on the market. This spy camera has a compact design perfect for your covert spying. When fully charged, this keychain camera can give you 45 minutes of continuous service. You can use this to take pictures and even videos. When charging this small camera you can use a standard USB cable. You can even connect this to an external battery pack in order to continuously record videos. It’s very light, small and decent for its price. Even though the videos or pictures are not high in quality it’s still great.

1 Eye Products 808 Keychain Camera HD

Another keychain camera that you can check out is another reasonable priced yet effective product. You can spy on anyone with the use of this hidden camera. It looks like an ordinary car key so no one will detect that you’re actually using this to record videos or capture pictures. The good thing about the video quality of this camera is it can actually capture clear, HD quality videos. It’s thin and light in weight so you can keep this inside your pocket when not in use. Spying is now made easy and effective with the use of this product.

MATECam Mini Keychain Camera

This product has an amazing video format of 1920*1080P AVI that you can use to covertly capture videos. Its size is small enough to place inside your pocket and its design is similar to a car key so you can act like you’re only using your car key but you’re actually capturing videos or taking some secret pictures. This product even has motion detection function that you can use for real-time recording. You can also use this for loop recording. The battery life of this product is long. It can even record 60 minutes of video without any problem.


Spying discretely is now made easy with the use of the best keychain camera. It’s not like the act of spying is encouraged, but when it’s needed for legal and lawful purposes then you can use an efficient keychain camera that looks like a regular car key. Since it’s a keychain camera it should be small in size. Having a portable design makes it easy for you to place it in your pocket. Having a lightweight keychain camera also adds to its portability. Keychain cameras might not have a great quality video or pictures but there are products that have decent quality.