Best Keypads

Sometimes, our keyboard is really not enough. You need a separate keypad just to help make things, easier, better, and faster. Keypads are made to fit this function well because some of them can be customized for different functions while some are used to help you deal with a lot of numbers. Nevertheless, these keypads are compatible with PCs and laptops. These are also ergonomically designed to suit your needs and preferences when it comes to using them. The list below shows the top 3 products in the market that people love.

Logitech Gameboard

If you’re looking for a gaming keypad, Logitech offers a great one. It’s one of the best in the market and customers have highly-rated it. It’s designed to be naturally contoured to allow your hand and fingers to fit comfortably during long usages. This also has onboard memory to let you program 5 play profiles any way you want. This also allows you to customize the backlighting to any color you want. With this, you can easily locate the right key even during dark times. It has 25 programmable keys you can assign functions to, suiting your style and preferences.

Razer Gaming Keypad

Another great gaming keypad is this one from Razer. It has 25 keys that you personally program to have a lot of different commands right at your fingertips. Unlike other keypads, this has an adjustable wrist-rest with 2 positions to choose from, hitting the right angle with each one. You can also choose your own colors for the lighting effects of this keypad. Using a cloud system, you can easily sync your customized profiles. You can automatically download driver and firmware updates through the unified configurator software. Each button can be customized to suit your skills and needs during games.

Jelly Comb Keypad

With keypad from Jelly Comb, you can easily just plug and play. You no longer need drivers, just a USB port for this keypad. Speed and accuracy will be achieved with this keypad because you can easily locate and press the keys you need. This is designed to ergonomically give you comfort with a tilt that reduces the strain you will feel on your hand and wrist. You no longer have to dread working on spreadsheets, accounting files, or financial applications for hours. This works with any PC and desktop that have Windows 2000, XP, 7, or Vista.

What to look for

With a lot of different keypads in the market, you’re bound to face a very difficult decision in choosing which one to buy. Here’s a list of things you need to look out for when buying:

  • Design – the design of the keypad must be ergonomic and must suit your needs. If it’s for gaming, then look for a keypad that’s sturdy and durable. If it’s for mere numbers, look for one that will help you encode faster.
  • Compatibility – also look for one that is compatible with both PC and laptop for added convenience.


With this product, you’re guaranteed to have a more convenient and comfortable time on your PC or laptop.