Best Kiddie Pool With Slides

Kids love the pool but unless you have one in your backyard, they only get to enjoy it during the summertime. With these kiddie pools, you’ll never have to visit the community pool again. These pools also have built-in slides that kids will surely love. Different themes will make your kids want to just get in and never get out unless you pull them out, of course. The list below shows the top 3 kiddie pools with slides in the market. These three all come from Intext but there are a lot of other pools in the market.

Intex Rainbow Inflatable Play Center

Intext offers an inflatable pool that kids will love to swim in every day. It’s designed with a lot of different bright colors that will be attractive to any kid you know. The rainbow-colored theme of this pool comes with a water slide in the center and space for wading. It has a water sprayer and a ring toss game that kids will surely love. It also has a ball roller and toss ball game. You can attach a garden hose to the water sprayer to add even more fun to this pool. It can hold up to 77 gallons.

Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center

Another wonderful inflatable pool from Intex is this one that’s ocean-themed. It’s a big pool with one small pool and a larger one for wading. This inflatable pool comes with a water slide and an inflatable palm tree to add to the ocean theme of this play center. This comes with a control valve that adjusts the water flow and it has drain plugs in both pools. It also includes a repair patch. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you’ll surely enjoy in this pool.

Intext Dinoland Play Center

Intex also offers another pool with a Dinoland theme. This comes with a Dino arch that can be movable and sprays out water. This arch can be attached to a water hose easily. With this play center, it has a slide and a landing pad that will be delightful for the kids. It can hold up to 74 gallons of water and is 6 inches tall. It’s definitely affordable and fun for your kids.

What to look for

There are several factors to consider when choosing a kiddie pool and here’s a list of them:

  • Size – it’s essential to know how big or small you want to be. This also matters because you need to know how whether kids will be able to have fun in them, given their size.
  • Theme – make sure to choose a kiddie pool with a theme your child will like. Not that it’s a very influential factor, but still noticeable.


These pools are designed to give kids the time of their lives, even just for a little while. With different themes, you can definitely choose one that will bring the most fun to your own home. You no longer need to leave the house to swim in a great pool.