Best Kitchen Timers

Cooking a perfect meal doesn’t only require the right ingredients and preparation. A lot of things come into play when it comes delivering a picture-perfect and good-tasting food. Perhaps, one of the most overlooked aspects of cooking is the time. Time is very important in cooking since it basically affects all the aspect of the food from the texture and softness down to the taste. Go under time and you’re about to get medium rare food that’s hard to the teeth, go overtime and it’s about to get overcooked. In this case, you can keep being aware of the time with the best kitchen timer in tow.

Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

When you try to think of kitchen timer, how’s it different with your smartphone setting up an alarm or a countdown, or even downloading a dedicated app for that? Well, the application is made from codes, there’s a possibility that it won’t work reliably every single time you need it as well as the case for the smartphone where its processing power isn’t enough. At least for the best kitchen timer which is the Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer, you won’t have to rely on something as an add-on but rather a standalone that aims to do specific things – ring loud, provide a large timer, and strap on somewhere it’s easier to spot.

Kikkerland Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Kitchen Timer, Cat, Multicolor

From the term kitchen timer, you can already tell that it’s not going to be exciting, at least aesthetically. With it being an essential kitchen tool, it basically comes in basic white, silver, or black color that provides nothing but a large display that captures your attention. Gladly, this isn’t the case for the Kikkerland Kitchen Timer. Unlike other kitchen timers, the Kikkerland Kitchen Timer features a cat design complete with ears, eyes, and nose. Moreover, it’s also available in other designs such as hedgehog and mouse among others. With a measure of 2 x 2.4 inches diameter, the Kikkerland Kitchen Timer is a working timer that’s also perfect outside kitchen use.

CDN TM15 Kitchen Timer

A kitchen timer might seem to be a simple tool with simple function but it holds an important role when it comes to providing the perfect preparation of a food or meal. That’s why it’s very important for its features to be apparent to become reliable even during the busiest and noisiest kitchen time. Should you wish to really be attentive to every single dish, the CDN TM15 Kitchen Timer will do that for you. Featuring extra large digits display, you can read the timer even if you’re from the other room. While the alarm is loud enough to wake up the whole household.


You might say that a kitchen timer shouldn’t be given that much time and attention when buying one. Well, you should be as you need features such as large LCD display and loud alarm among others that you might find useful and helpful in the kitchen. With that said, the best kitchen timer is Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer.