Best Korean Foaming Cleansers

Korean beauty products have grown in popularity because aside from being quite affordable, they’re also very effective and reliable. One of these trusted products is their foaming cleanser. These cleansers help clear your skin from blemishes and remove all the impurities from your pores. Other than that, these cleansers also have ingredients like aloe vera and green tea that moisturize and prevent aging. If you want multi-purpose cleansers, these are the ones for you. The list below shows the top 3 products in the market that have been deemed effective and affordable by satisfied customers.

InstaNatural Foaming Cleanser

Vitamin C Facial Cleanser - Anti Aging, Breakout & Wrinkle Reducing Face Wash for Clear & Reduced Pores - With Organic & Natural Ingredients - For Oily, Dry & Sensitive Skin - by InstaNatural - 6.7 OZ

If you’re looking for an anti-aging cleansing treatment, this one from InstaNatural will be your best friend against aging. This foaming cleanser is made with organic chamomile, green tea, coconut water, and aloe, all of which are ingredients to help you fight wrinkles and age spots. These ingredients also rejuvenate, restore, and refine your skin to make you long young again. This also contains antioxidants like Vitamin C that brightens your skin as well. Say goodbye to blackheads with this because it helps control breakouts and blemishes as well. your skin will be blemish-free, bright, and moisturized after using this.

The Face Shop Cleansing Foam

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, 5 Ounce

Another great Korean cleansing foam is this one from The Face Shop. This cleansing foam will work wonders on your skin. It’s made with moringa oil, soapwort, and rice water that will brighten, moisturize, and detoxify your skin all in one go and wash. Not only that, you can also immediately feel that your skin will be hydrated after washing. Its creamy and cushiony texture will make it easy to wash with and remove. Affordable and wonderful for your skin.

Innisfree Cleansing Foam

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam, 5.09 Ounce

if you have a lot of sebum on your face and want to get rid of it, Innisfree made a cleansing that will easily get rid of it in just a couple of washes. This cleansing foam is ideal for people who have a lot of sebum excretion since this has a stronger absorbing ability than red clay or even mud. This will easily remove all those impurities that cause pimples and other problems on your skin. It cleans and removes impurities from your pores for clearer skin. It’s affordable and effective, so you won’t regret buying this one.

What to look for

These foaming cleansers have a lot of going for each of them, so, to help you find the best one, here’s a list of things you need to look for when buying one:

  • Purpose – what’s the main purpose of the foaming cleanser? It could to merely moisturize, detoxify, prevent aging, clarify your skin, or maybe all of those. But choose one that helps you with your main problem.
  • Ingredients check the ingredients and see if these can help you with your problem. Some of these also have ideal benefits such as hydration and detoxification.
  • Consistency – find a product with a consistency that you can work with. Whether it’s light or quite heavy, if you’re comfortable with it then buy it.


Whether it’s for anti-aging or getting rid of pimples, you’ll never go wrong with Korean foaming cleansers.