Best Kosher Cookbooks

The kosher cuisine has come a long way ever since it came into the light. Many aspiring cooks and veteran chefs that want to bring their Kosher cooking to the next level should look for the appropriate recipe book on the market. However, don’t just get any Kosher cookbook that you find sitting on a store shelf. You need to get a book that’ll make it worth your while. With that being said, we’re here to help you out in that regard. Here are some of the best Kosher cookbooks we’ve seen in today’s market.

Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes

Jamie Geller, the author of Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes, is considered to be “The Jewing Rachael Ray,” according to the New York Times. In her cookbook, you’ll find many amazing recipes including Chicken Soup with Julienned Vegetables and Angel Hair and Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese.

Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook

If you want to bring Jewing cooking to your home, then consider buying the Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook. With the recipes found in this book, you’ll find traditional favorites such as Szechuan chicken and aduki-squash soup.

The Silver Platter: Simple to Spectacular Wholesome, Family-Friendly Recipes

The Silver Platter: Simple to Spectacular Wholesome, Family-Friendly Recipes by Daniella Silver and Norene Gilletz brings over 160 different recipes in their book. With this recipe guide, you’ll turn mealtimes into fresh and healthy eating sessions for everyone.

What to Look For?

Perhaps the first factor you need to think about when searching for the best Kosher cookbook on the market is the number of recipes inside of the resource material. Sure, you can find some cookbooks that have recipes that have an average count of 20 easy-to-follow meal guides, but ask yourself, “Will it be worth it?” What if you want to make more than just 20 snacks or meals? As such, you might want to turn your attention and interests to some Kosher cookbooks that will offer your 90, 100, or even 200 recipes in one resource guide.

The next factor to consider when browsing the market for the best Kosher recipe book is if it’s easy enough to follow. Many cookbook authors would just mix-and-match recipes into the book, and it’s up to you, as the reader, to understand it. However, there are some authors that are kind enough to split their books into sections. You can find Kosher recipes meant for occasions, brunches, layers, appetizers, and even desserts.

After making sure that the recipe book is easy enough to follow, check if the recipes have detailed instructions. They may have pictures on each page to let you know how the dish will look like, or perhaps it may have recommendations if, by any chance, you can’t find a particular ingredient in your area.


When looking for the best Kosher cookbook on the market, make sure that the item will be worth your time and money. Don’t just get any recipe book in a store just because it’s cheap.