Best Liquid Chalk Markers

If you’re looking for great colorful markers that can immediately beautify the surfaces you’ll use it one, better choose liquid chalk markers. Other than being designed with different colors and kinds, you can even easily clean up the marks you left with just a piece of clean and damp cloth. You can use this on any non-porous surface but never use this on chalkboard paint. The list below shows the top 3 liquid chalk markers that people like and frequently buy.

VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers

A great set of liquid chalk markers is being offered by VersaChalk. This comes in two different sets of colors, the classic colors and the neon colors. This set of chalk markers are made with the best ink from Germany. It dries up quickly and doesn’t smudge easily once it has dried up. But if ever you wanna erase it, you just simply use a clean and damp cloth. You can easily write on chalkboards, plastics, metal, glass, vinyl, or slate. It features a reversible tip that can be used to draw bold and fine lines. Odorless, dustless, and non-toxic.

Cedar Markers Liquid Chalk Markers

Another great set of liquid chalk markers is this one from Cedar Markers. You can use this on different surfaces like chalkboards, menu boards, bistro boards, house windows, car windows, glossy boards, plastic, metal, and mirrors. but don’t use this one chalkboard paint. This set of markers come in neon colors that are very attractive. These can easily be cleaned up by just erasing with a clean and damp paper towel. Each set comes with a pair of tweezers to help you replace the tip cleanly. This also features a tip that will help protect it from long-term damage.

Crafty Croc White Liquid Chalk Markers

Crafty Croc also offers a set of White liquid chalk markers. This features a reversible tip that will easily let you draw either fine or bold mark. You can use it for bistro boards, menu boards, chalkboards, metal, plastic, whiteboards, black dry erase boards and all other non-porous surfaces. Don’t worry about cleaning it up because you can just wipe away the marks on any surface, even on your skin, without leaving marks or slight residues.

What to look for

Whether you’re looking for plain or colorful markers, you still need to look for a set that will suit your needs. Here’s a list of things you need to look out for:

  • Reversible tip – choose markers that feature a reversible tip so you can easily switch from a bold mark to a fine mark in just one swift motion. This will also help you achieve different kinds of designs from a single marker.
  • Clean-up – make sure you can easily clean up these marks if you ever plan on doing so. Read up on the product description to check.


It’s now easier to achieve different and colorful designs with these markers. No need to even worry about clean up because that’s easy as well.