Best Mens Driving Gloves

Probably, one of the reasons why you’re reading this is that you’ve watched “How I Met Your Mother” and saw Ted Mosby wearing driving gloves. And you have to admit that it does look good as if you’re an action star or a race car driver hitting more than 100miles per hour. But of course, driving gloves are not only made to look good of a drive but it actually comes with useful features that, probably, some drivers will be happy to know especially if you spend long hours on the road. Not to throw shade here but women won’t ever understand since they barely drive their own car.

Comfort is one of the main reason why driving gloves. Having your hand attached to the steering wheel for long hours can make your fingers stiff, thus affecting how you handle your driving. When the weather is a bit on the extreme, driving gloves can easy your driving experience significantly. When it’s too cold, it can act as an insulator to keep the warmth throughout your hands down to fingers. When it’s too hot, it will avoid any moisture from the steering wheel that can affect your grip and avoid possible blisters over time.

Some say that a car’s value lies on the steering wheel, and we can’t help but agree with the statement. Driving gloves can preserve the value and look of the steering wheel. A steering wheel that looks beat up will have a hard time catching potential buyers in the future should you wish to sell it. The natural oil from our body makes the color faded on the steering wheel so using driving gloves that prevents skin contact can make your steering wheel look good as new. There’s a lot of driving gloves out there but only five of them belongs to the best list. So, without further delay, here are the best mens driving gloves.

Elma Luxury Men’s Leather Dress Driving Gloves

Luxury Men's Touchscreen Texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Dress Driving Gloves (Cashmere/Wool/Fleece Lining) (9.5 ( US Standard Size ) New, Brown (Cashmere Lining ))

Probably, one of the drawbacks of wearing driving gloves is the inability to work with touchscreen devices – requiring the user to take it off first before using a smartphone or the likes. But those days are gone already as manufacturers installed technology to work seamlessly with touchscreens without needing to remove the gloves. Introducing the Elma Luxury Men’s Leather Dress Driving Gloves, whether you’re on a phone or driving wheel, it will work with no problem. That’s just one of its main feature in a long list of premium features.

Aside from the revolutionary nanotech embedded inside the gloves, it still delivers the much-needed comfort and dexterity. What makes this possible is the Italian Nappa Leather material that’s carefully stitched to every part of the gloves – from the palm to each finger. For a complete reference, it’s 100% cashmere and fleece lining polyester, 70% wool lining, and 30% nylon. It’s a non-slip palm function to be able to have full control of your device as if you’re using it with your bare hands. Available in black, brown, and dark navy, it measures 11 x 5 x 1.4 in inches.

WARMEN Mens Leather Gloves Driving

Mens Touchscreen Texting Winter PU Leather Gloves Driving Outdoor Long Fleece Lining (9, Black)

Another driving gloves option with screen touch capability is the WARMEN Mens Leather Gloves Driving. Suited for winter weather condition, the driving gloves from WARMEN features a thermal warmth long fleece lining to ensure that your hands and fingers won’t stay stiff and remains warm all throughout the driving process. The material used to allow for a maximum flexible movement and the strong grip through the supple PU faux leather that comes in black color. All in all, it’s 15% cashmere, 85% wool, and 100% polyester lining.

The look and design of this driving gloves cover the entire hand and fingers with three parallel stitches at the back of the hand for maximum flexibility. It has a leather snap-on-strap that adjusts in two different sizes, depending on the user’s preference. Finally, the cuff-end attaches the fabric for keeping things inside warm and comfy.

Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves Size L Color Black

If you’re a fan of old action movies, the Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves resembles of that old-style driving gloves that you’ll mostly see only on the big screen. It’s classic looking driving gloves can outfit a driver or a biker. It’s available in black and brown, depending on what suits you better. The fabric material used to stitch the gloves is of fine-grained leather with no lines present.

All five fingers are going to be covered with small hole features that act as an air-breather to prevent any sweating of the hands. To further comfort the user and provide flexibility, the knuckle is left pen as well as a significant part of the back of the hand. Locking everything in place will be the strap on the wrist. It comes in different sizes so check first before getting one.

Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Fingerless Gloves

Interstate Leather Men's Basic Fingerless Gloves (Black, Medium)

Wearing driving gloves might need some getting used to before you really fully appreciate its benefits. Others, however, just can’t get used to its feeling and would rather use their own bare hands. Keeping this case in mind, the Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Fingerless Gloves is made for those people who don’t want too much distraction on the hands while keeping the feeling of actually touching the steering wheel with bare hands. Just what the name states, it’s made fingerless so no nanotech included here, just straightforward gloves. But still, it doesn’t mean it’s not usable as it still works perfectly on the road.

The palm of your hand will be covered with small holes running along horizontally for maximum comfort and avoid sweating of the palm. There’ll be no snap on strap here as it’s going to use a hook and loop cuffs to keep everything in place securely. It comes in different sizes with black color only. If you don’t mind the cold during winter, then this fingerless driving gloves will work perfectly for you.

Harrms Leather Gloves for Men’s

Harrms Best Touchscreen Italian Nappa Genuine Leather Gloves for men's Texting Driving Cashmere Lining (XL-9.4"(US Standard Size), BLACK(CASHMERE LINING ))

The last one on the list boasts almost the same features as the first one. Everything will be at a premium with the Harrms Leather Gloves for Men’s. It covers the entire hand by the Italian Nappa top genuine leather that for top protection with pure cashmere lining that keeps everything comfy inside. It’s available in sophisticated colors of black and brown. What’s more is that it can work with touchscreen devices so you won’t have to remove it when using your phone. One of the most loved features here is that it can provide 20-degrees of heat, perfect for long drives during the winter season.

The design of this driving gloves is fairly simple. Clad in leather, the end of every finger is stitched delicately to ensure the nothing won’t escape inside. The back part of the gloves consists of three parallel lines for maximum flexibility which helps in getting a good grip on the steering wheel. And last but not the least, the cashmere lining is inside for maximum heat retention.

What to Look For

Mens driving gloves are perfect for any weather conditions, especially during the winter season. It will allow drivers to comfortably handle the steering wheel all the while reducing hand fatigue. When looking for one, being keen to details is required as not all of them offers the same features and feeling. It might have the same look and color on the outside, but once worn, it’s a whole different feeling. Unlike the premium type, the regular type mostly is for one purpose only, to reduce hand fatigue. They’re not all the same. To make sure you won’t get disappointed, check some of its features first.

  • Material – the materials used will tell how long the driving gloves will last against wear and tear. While most of them are of a leather type, but different types of leather. Most commonly found driving gloves has its leather texture easily be torn off. While a high class like Nappa Italian leather last longer and doesn’t come off easily.
  • Lining – Lining is only available with driving gloves that can be worn also for extremely cold temperature. The lining will provide the warmth inside the gloves and usually, it’s present on the cuffs. It’s important to add this to your bucket list of driving gloves IF you have winter season in your country.
  • Touchscreen capability – most smartphones can’t recognize the touch of driving gloves, and unfortunately, only some are able to support leather to screen contact. And these ‘some’ will cost you a bit. But still, if you have the money to spend the extra cash, it’s a must to get this feature as it will significantly help a lot especially we’re in a digital age.


These are the best mens driving gloves that you can find out there. It has different styles like full-cover and fingerless. Investing for driving gloves lets you get more out of what you’re paying since it can also act as insulated gloves. Just remember, check the material, lining, and extra features like touchscreen capability to ensure you won’t be needing to buy another one.