Best Metal Yoyos

Playing yo-yo isn’t just for children. There are professional yo-yo players that are adults. Doing tricks using your yo-yo is no easy feat. You might think that it’s super easy and it’s just a game for children but you’ll be surprised how enumerable the tricks you can do using an amazing yo-yo. Professionals use metal yoyos since it has the right weight and the right feel that can make even the most complicated yoyo tricks achievable. If you wanted to try your hands on doing yo-yo tricks successfully, here are some of the best metal yo-yo available on the market.

Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo

Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo Colors will vary

If you’re looking for a high-quality metal yo-yo to use for your complicated yoyo tricks then you can appreciate this amazing product that comes with such a reasonable price. This has a small diameter that makes it easy for you to handle. Even though this is made of metal it has a counterweight design so you can do your yo-yo tricks effortlessly. The metal of this product is made of aluminum that’s given a precision design for an exceptional performance. This one of the smoothest metal yo-yo you could ever find.

Beboo God of Death Unresponsive Professional Bearing Alloy Aluminum Yo-Yo

Beboo God of Death Unresponsive YoYo Professional Bearing Alloy Aluminum Yo Yo SmartU SU-02 Black

Another amazing metal yo-yo you could use to do your tricks is this product. You can get this at such an affordable price. The overall quality of the product is quite good and its performance superb. This is specially designed to help you with your eye-hand coordination when doing special yo-yo tricks. If you’re fond of using unresponsive yoyos then this is perfect for you. You can make this yo-yo sleep for a longer period of time so you can do amazing tricks with it. With this, you can practice even the most difficult yo-yo tricks out there without any problems.

Magic YoYo N8 Unresponsive Aluminum Yo-Yo

Magic YoYo N8 Unresponsive Yoyo Alloy Aluminum Yo Yo + 6 Strings + Glove+Yoyo Bag Gift

This is another unresponsive yo-yo made of metal that you can use for your yo-yo tricks. Any level of yo-yo tricks you can do or planning to learn how to do can be achieved with the use of this product. The string of this metal yo-yo is made of 100% polyester that strong and high in quality. It has a durable and quick recovery system that makes it possible for you to improve your eye to hand coordination while performing your yo-yo tricks. In order for you to accomplish a longer spin action, they added some ball bearing axle to the design of this product.


Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to doing yo-yo tricks or you’re a professional who can do even the most difficult yo-yo trick down pat, using the best metal yoyo can greatly improve your performance. It’s better to invest on a high-quality metal yoyo that has an amazing design that can spin longer and sleep longer in order for you to brandish your yoyo tricks successfully. Its design should heighten your eye to hand coordination so you can do even the most difficult yoyo trick out there.