Best Microfiber Travel Towels

Planning a trip? Going to an isolated island? You better prepare all the things you need to fully enjoy your vacation. Have you picked out everything that you’ll need? Have you started packing? Oh, wait. What? Your towel is taking half-space of your luggage? Well, we think it’s high time you change your old towel and buy a microfiber travel towel. By opting for a designated travel towel, you’ll be able to save a lot of space in your luggage and able to bring more items that you need such as snacks, extra clothes, and pretty much everything that you can think of that can aid you on your travel.

So, why not a regular towel? Well, the reasons are very simple. A regular towel is thick – taking too much space and it won’t easily dry, especially if the place you’re going to doesn’t have any access to dry laundry. With microfiber travel towel, it eliminates the problems encountered when using a regular towel. It designed to be light, compact, and easy water absorbent and dry. Not only that, a microfiber-based towel can do more than what you can think of, and what we’ve mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.

A microfiber travel towel comes with plenty of benefits aside from being easy to carry and keep. Efficiency comes in when you need your towel to dry quickly or yourself. The fabric used can easily absorb water in one wipe and dries faster than any kind of towel. It’s chemical-free – so, every unwanted dirt or particles are removed even just by using water to clean the towel. It doesn’t scratch surfaces provided that the towel is clean and free of grit. In style, the color doesn’t easily fade making your towel looking good as new. And of course, when it comes to cleaning, it’s very easy to remove any stains or dirt that catches to the fiber. We can further list more of its benefits but it’s going to be long, so, we just rounded up for you the best microfiber travel towel that you can get.

Youphoria Sport Multipurpose Travel Towel


Whether you’re traveling, backpacking, or going to a beach or gym, the Youphoria Sport Multipurpose Travel Towel can be your daily companion even at the comfort of your home. Its main fast drying and super absorbent features can be noticeably seen when going for a swimming, and if you’re going for a vacation on an island, it includes a carry bag and hanging loop for convenient packing and drying before and after use. The mesh carry bag allows for the dry towel to dry even it’s already packed. Youphoria Sport provides customer satisfaction promise that lets the customer buy their products.

If you think it’s not enough for you, a refund or a complete replacement is available. If you found any damage or tear, they can also replace it for you. This microfiber travel towel comes in 10 colors to choose from and the sizes vary from 20 x 40 inch, 28 x 56 inch, and 32 x 72 inch.

Sunland Microfiber Towel


If you’re more into sports and loves to spend most of your time every day inside a sports gym, the Sunland Microfiber Towel can wipe your sweat away any time that you’ll need to. But don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for swimming or any outdoor activities that require water to be splash all around you. You won’t have any problems packing this one as it comes in lightweight and compact size that doesn’t feel that much inside the bag. And speaking of the bag, it comes with mesh carry bag allowing for it to be packed even wet.

Since it can be carried anywhere you go, no worries when you need to let it dry in a short of time as it’s a fast-drying towel made of the microfiber material. Having a sensitive skin won’t be a problem also as it feels gentle and soft to the skin with non-sticky feeling. Upon receiving the package, make sure to wash in water for 10 seconds both the towel and carry bag, and after use, machine washes warm and separately tumble dry low or air dry without any bleach or fabric softener. It’s that easy in cleaning while being cost-effective.

ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel


When you’re going to buy a microfiber travel towel, you might want to get the best deal that you can out there. Presenting the ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel, the large quick dry towel comes with a free hand towel in a beautiful gift box. Moving to the main towel, its ultra absorbent microfiber lets you dry your body in just a whizz. After that, you can hang it with the snap loop and let it dry for 4 times faster than a regular towel. Even with its large size at 52 x 32 in inches weighing 8 oz, it still portable enough to be carried around with its small waterproof bag.

Any unwanted bacteria like germs and odors won’t survive here with its antibacterial microfiber material that’s also silky smooth to the skin. Anyone with an active lifestyle makes this towel perfect for gym rats, mountaineers, swimmers, and other outdoor activities. Moving to the extra towel, it sizes at 24 x 15 inches with the same features found on its bigger sibling. Coming in green color, you can also get it in blue, gray, and orange colors.

Bodi Towel Microfiber Towel


If you want to keep things at a bare minimum, the Bodi Towel Microfiber Towel comes in a small package while getting all the basic job done. It’s relatively large in size measuring 30 x 48 inches but only takes up 10 percent of the overall space of a regular luggage and it even weighs less than a regular size orange. Just like every microfiber material, it sucks up liquid like no any other in just a matter of seconds and fast dries wringing 90 percent of the water and letting the 10 percent dry off easily.

The microfiber material boasts of antibacterial feature making it perfect not only for adults but also for babies with its soft and gentle touch to the skin. Completing its premium quality will be the Bodi Hut 100 Day Warranty to ensure long-lasting of usage that undergone intricate manufacturing process. Available in its current size, it can be grabbed with either gray, blue, purple, or pink color.

Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel


Capping off the best microfiber travel towel will be the huge Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel measuring at 60 x 30 inches making sure it will cover all the wet parts of your body. If that’s too large for you, there’s a smaller size measuring at 40 x 20 inches. Different variants come in seven different colors to choose from. When traveling, it includes an enclosed carry bag with a hook for either hanging or carrying.

The travel towel features an antibacterial material for the user’s safety and keeping it clean even after use. It’s even treated with an antibacterial agent that prevents any potential mold, thus extending the life expectancy of the towel. It’s very light in weight but still, manages to absorb water three times its weight. To make sure you’re confident in purchasing the towel, they’re offering 100 percent money back guarantee.

What to Look For

Looking for a good microfiber travel towel leaves you between getting your body dry or letting your sweat dry automatically. It’s easy to take a look and buy a microfiber towel but the quality features that you’re looking for can only be found on some. It’s also important to note that its size is enough to cover all the wet spots of your body. So, whenever you’re out in town to buy one, take a look at these things.

  • Size – size can contribute a lot to the luggage. It’s simple mathematics, the larger the towel the more space it’s going to consume. Just get a towel that fits your body and you might just save more space inside your bag.
  • Antibacterial – not all microfiber-based travel towel comes with antibacterial features. This one is an important feature to have if you’re planning to use it also for kids and babies.
  • Carry bag – most of the time, a travel towel comes with a carry bag. You’ll be lucky to have a mesh type bag rather than the enclosed type so that it can dry the towel even if it’s stored inside.


These are the best microfiber travel towel that you can get out there for your daily traveling or exercising needs. Its quality material makes it easy for the water to be absorbed as well as drying. Whether you’re looking for a bath towel or a face towel, travel towels can get the job done on either ends. As long as there’s a body to dry, the towel should prove efficient in drying the user as well as itself. Just do keep in mind the size for easy carry, the antibacterial feature for safety, and carry bag for continuous drying.