Best Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers

Conventional hand sanitizers can sometimes cause our skin to dry, if it’s not already dry. But even if they’re dry, we still need to sanitize our hands every day. Nowadays, people have found the solution for that with sanitizers that contain moisturizers. These products not only clean your hands but also moisturize them, leaving them clean, smooth, and soft. They’re also great for sensitive skin that doesn’t like really strong alcohol-based ones. The list below shows the top 3 hand sanitizers with moisturizers in the market.

Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer

Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer, 12-Oz Bottles (Pack of 3))

If you’re looking for the perfect product for sensitive skin, this one’s for you. Gold Bond offers a sanitizer that can also moisturize your hands. Unlike traditional hand sanitizers, this doesn’t irritate your hands because it uses 0.2% Benzethonium Chloride that kills the germs. To moisturize your hands, it contains Shea Butter extract and Jojoba esters that are great moisturizers. Although it’s quite expensive, this is one of the most reviewed products in the market that people really like.

Avagard D Sanitizer Hand Gel with Moisturizer

Avagard D 3M Healthcare Sanitizer Hand Gel with Moisturizer, 16.9 Fluid Ounce

This 3M healthcare sanitizer is preferred by people with painful cracked skin or people with diabetes. It’s great for sanitizing the skin without increasing the dryness on your skin or causing burning sensations. With the moisturizer, not only does it clean the skin but it also lessens the dryness. it’s also great for people who constantly need to clean their hands after doing household chores because it’s not sticky and makes your hands and skin soft after application. It’s 169 ounces and lasts for a long time.

Gold Bond Moisture Hand Sanitizer

Gold Bond Ultimate Sheer Moisture Hand Sanitizer, 2.7 Ounce

Another great product from Gold Bond is this sheer moisture hand sanitizer. It doesn’t come in a pump bottle but in a tube instead. Unlike other products, it’s alcohol-free and uses Benzethonium Chloride 0.2% to sanitize your hand. If you also prefer a citrus scent, this is great for you. It gives you sheer moisture and cleans your hand with its ultralight formula. It also doesn’t feel greasy on your hands when you apply it. It contains 7 different weightless moisturizers with 5 essential vitamins that will be good for your hands.

What to look for

There are several products in the market that you can choose from. So, here’s a list of things you need to look out for when buying one:

  • Ingredients – always inspect the ingredients because you might be allergic to the alternatives in the product.
  • Scent – though not all sanitizers have scents, still look for ones that you will like regardless if it has a scent or not.
  • Consistency – also check the consistency of these products to see if you like it or not. Sometimes they can feel too greasy or heavy on your skin so choose one that you’ll like.


These products can help you solve the problem of dry skin and sanitation easily. Just choose one that you’ll like and test it on your skin first if it doesn’t react or anything.