Best Monopods

Ever see a person holding a stick with a camera attached to the end talking to it? Well, basically, they’re almost everywhere especially if your country is under first world category. With the advent of technology and internet a few decades ago, it’s the invisible thing that keeps us connected right to this day. From new to entertainment as well as the latest happenings from your neighbor, all of that can be seen from the internet through software called application. If you’ve noticed, pictures and videos are everywhere. In any event, you can never go wrong with the best monopod that captures every single person in the camera’s point of view.

Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod

Despite the obvious usefulness of monopods, when it comes to weight, this is where it usually falls off the radar. Imagine a monopod being long and durable, with metal being the body of the product, add to it the weight of the phone, it becomes too tiring to hold the whole thing and you’d rather have a selfie with your hands. Luckily, that’s not the case with the best monopod which is the Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod. With a 67-inch length span, the Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod comes with aluminum alloy body can support up to 6.7-lbs of a device’s weight while being lightweight to use.

AmazonBasics Monopod

Thanks to the advent of social media, monopods are everywhere from each and every single gadget store that you can find. With tons of monopod to choose from, it’s a bit tasking to know which is which for the smartphone or dedicated camera. Let alone the features that it comes with, imagine the task of comparing one to another product. If you’re just looking for a basic yet capable monopod, the AmazonBasics Monopod can provide you that. Having a length of 67-inch, the AmazonBasics Monopod can support video cameras as well with weight up to 6.6-lb. It even features ¼-inch universal thread mount for still videos as well as non-skid rubber foot for sturdy video capturing.

Vivitar Monopod

With a monopod, you’re provided a stable video or picture capturing as well as wide-angle selfie-ing. However, compared to having just the bare smartphone itself, it’s still far from the convenience of getting the phone from your pocket, launching the camera app, and holding the phone for a quick snapshot – one thing where a monopod is being inconsiderate. But thanks to the Vivitar Monopod, it aims to narrow the gap between the two. The Vivitar Monopod features quick release function that lets you snap in and out the smartphone camera. Apart from that, you get a built-in wrist strap for safety, rubber foot with a spike for steady video capturing along with 4 section leg locks that let you extend up to 67-inch.


When buying a monopod, it pays to look at the design, weight, and length of the product for optimal use. With that said, the best monopod is Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod.