Best Multifunctional Pens

In this day and age, people extremely value convenience and getting products that does more. People usually look for products that wouldn’t just be able to perform one function but as many functions as possible. This means that 2-in-1 and up products are the new hip thing. So a lot of manufacturers are now coming up with ways to make their products as multifunctional as possible and this includes pens. Multifunctional pens give are cost effective and would satisfy your needs with just a singular object. Below is a list of the best multifunctional pens in the market.

Cross Tech3+ Multifunction Pen with Stylus

Whether you’re a student or a professional, it cannot be denied that we now heavily rely on our touch screen gadgets. We use it as much if not more than our pen and paper. This multfuntion pen from Cross Tech3+ gives you the perfect marriage of these two essential practices. It of course has the ballpoint black pen that writes smoothly so you can write your notes and sign those documents without trouble. Aside from this, it also has the rubber stylus attached to it. This stylus releases electrical signals which allows you to use it in manipulating your gadgets.

Another great thing about this pen is that it comes with two colored ball point pens. You have the typical black as well as red. This also doubles as a mechanical pencil. With all these great functions, you’ll only need to bring a single pen to do all your tasks. This received lots of praises from previous customers. They loved the sleek and elegant design of the pen. However, there were a few who weren’t satisfied with its overall functionality.

Uni Jetstream Multi Function Pen

When you’re taking down notes in class or writing on your journal, writing with multiple colors would help you organize your writings better. Switching from one color to another depending on what you’re writing would also make it easier for you when you review your notes for exams and quizzes. Although having multiple colors is a great idea, a lot of people hate the need to have to bring multiple pens in class or to work. With this Uni Jetstream ballpoint pen, you won’t need to worry about this anymore. This pen has four colors so you just need to bring a single pen.

Those who usually get uncomfortable when writing for a long time would also love this pen because it has rubber on the upper portion. This would allow you to take notes more comfortably and would prevent redness and even callouses. This also got great reviews from previous customers which just proves that it’s not just all talk.

Zebra Clip-On Multi Color Multi-Functional Pen

When you’re in school, you don’t only use pens sometimes you’ll also need to use a pencil. However, since pencils aren’t used as often once you go up to higher grades you often don’t have on one hand when you need it. This Zebra Clip multifunction clip would solve your problem. It has four colors and a mechanical pencil. Now you won’t have to stress about what to use when your professor asks you to draw plates or when taking tests. Since the pencil is mechanical you also won’t need to bring a sharpener with you all the time.

This pen is also a great choice for those who want something that isn’t too expensive. This pen essentially has five functions and yet it’s at a lower price point when compared to others on the list.Previous customers loved how durable the pen is. They also liked that it’s a fine point instead of a medium one since they find that it’s faster to write with it.

Zebra Clip-On Multifunctional Pen

Like the previous Zebra pen on the list, this also has four colors and a mechanical pencil but this has a clear barrel. With this you won’t need to have a pencil case anymore you just need this pen and you’re good to go. This pen also has a rubber grip which a huge relief for those who wrote with pens for long periods of time. The clip on the pen also makes it functional and easier to carry with you.

This Zebra pen is a perfect match for those who want great functionality for a lower price. It also got great reviews from past customers. They were impressed at how smoothly this pen writes and how seamless it is to switch from one function to the next. They also found it to be really durable.

Convenient Gadgets and Gifts Multi-Tool 12 in 1 Multi Function Tool Pen

Multifunction pens aren’t just those that offer multiple colors, there are also pens that are like a super tool. One example is this multi tool pen. This has 12 functions in total, giving you the freedom to carry a single tool for almost all functions. It’s almost like a Swiss Knife but it’s easier to carry with you.

This pen is a great match for DIYers and handymen. It has a Philips screwdriver, wire remover, blade, tweezers, a fork, and many more. Bringing this to your next camping trip would let you have all these functions without having the hassle of bringing a huge item.

What to Look For?

The list above is there to give you an idea on what products are the best in the market. However, even with that list already available, it can still be hard to decide which is the best one for you and your specific needs. In order to choose you should also know what qualities you should look out for in a great multifunctional pen. Being in the know would also make you less vulnerable to having buyer’s regret and would ensure that you’ll be making a smart purchase.

  1. Multifunctionality – Given that you are getting a multifunctional pen, it’s only logical that you look at this feature closely. You should also know what your immediate needs are. If you’re a student, it’s best to focus on the multiple writing options that the pen could provide. This would make your school life easier since you won’t have to bring a ton of pens to get the job done. If you use gadgets as well, you should consider getting a pen that doubles as a stylus so you’d have better accessibility. On the other hand, if you’re a DIYer or a handyman, you should consider getting a pen that does it all. This would allow you to have easier access to all the tools you need.
  2. Seamless – Since these pens have multiple functions, you should ensure that the one you’re getting can switch between these functions seamlessly. This means that it won’t be lagging and that it wouldn’t take too long to switch. The switch or the control should also be easy to manipulate because if it’s too hard to press it might cause damage and further problems.
  3. Comfort – Even with the advancement of technology, we still usually use pens for a prolonged period of time. Given this, it’s best of the pen you’ll get has a rubber grip which would provide you with better comfort while you write. This would prevent any redness on your fingers. The rubber can also make you less vulnerable to have calluses which is a common occurrence to people who write a lot. The comfort level is also affected by the circumference of the pen. To facilitate a more comfortable writing experience, the pen shouldn’t be too thick otherwise you’ll have a hard time manipulating it.
  4. Quality of Writing – Since a multifunctional pen is essentially a pen, a great one should have great writing quality. The pen should write smoothly and shouldn’t be rough on the paper. The amount of ink coming out should also be just the right amount. The quality and ease of writing is also seen if the pen doesn’t have any blank spaces when writing. Aside from this, the ink should also last a long time and shouldn’t dry up or run out after just a couple of uses.


Getting a multifunctional pen gives you the freedom to have numerous uses for an otherwise mundane item. If your pen has multiple functions you’ll be able to use it on different occasions. This would also be a great thing for students who usually would need numerous pens everyday. Because their pen has more than one color, they won’t have to lug around numerous pens that just adds to the weight of their bag. Handymen can also benefit from this pen since there are now pens available that also has tools inside. These types of pens are also an excellent match for those who are always outdoors and those who go on camping trips since this would surely lessen the amount of tools you would need to bring.

We hope that with the tips we’ve given you that you’d be able to get the perfect multifunctional pen for you and your needs. Remember that when choosing, you should know which functions are you most in need of so you would be focusing on pens that give you these functions. Although it might be tempting to just get the pen which has the most functions this isn’t the way to go because you would end up having too many functions that you don’t even need. A great pen also has all the boxes ticked. It should have all the great qualities that you should look out for. This would ensure that you’ll be getting a pen that’s of great quality.