Best Music Boxes

If you’re looking for an item to give to a good friend, your significant other, or perhaps a relative, then nothing can say classic beauty than a music box. Music boxes have been around for generations, and people use it to keep tiny knick-knacks, jewelry, or small mementos. Whenever someone opens the lid of the small box, a music will be played (hence the name). Sometimes there are small decorations that make the present even more worthwhile, such as a small carousel or a tiny dancing ballerina. If you’re looking for the best music box to give to a special someone or for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

The Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box features a small ballerina when the lid is opened. The entire casing of the box is crafted in metal, and it plays Für Elise when the lid is open.

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

The Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box is a product that’s fit for anyone who wishes to add class and beauty to their room. This particular music box features a ballerina when the lid is opened, and it even has multiple compartments.

Kikkerland You Are My Sunshine Crank Music Box

The Kikkerland You Are My Sunshine Crank Music Box has a unique design for a product of its kind. It’ll play the classic song You Are My Sunshine, and it can be placed on different surfaces like wood or glass.

What to Look For?

Whether you’re looking for vintage or modern music boxes, these products do come in different shapes and sizes. To get the best music box for your needs, then you should consider the recipient of the present, as well as its intended use.

For instance, if you’re going to give a music box to a woman, there are three main points of consideration, and these are the following: size, organization, and design. Many women want their music boxes to be quite larger than the norm because of all the things they would usually want to put inside it. As such, they can put sewing supplies, jewelry, and several mementos inside the confines of the box. Also, when searching for music boxes for women, you may want to consider a model with many partitions. In doing so, it’ll give out several options and opportunities for proper organization. Lastly, the design of the music box plays a significant role to the present. After all, you don’t want to give an ugly looking music box to your special someone, right?

Aside from women’s music boxes, there are also music boxes meant for children. Unlike women’s music boxes, musical boxes for kids are smaller, and they’ll only hold a few pieces of jewelry and other small items inside the container.


Music boxes are here to stay in the near and even the far future. There’s no sign of it going out of the market anytime soon because of its vintage and modern looks. However, interested buyers should still consider their options well before buying a music box for themselves or for that special someone in their life.