Best Nail Files

Unless you’re a woman, you probably don’t use a nail file. But if you’ve been with your partner waiting and staying inside a salon just for her to finish before you go out and enjoy your date, you probably are acquainted already on what a nail file can do. So, as a tool, a nail file basically is an emery board that smoothens and even out the edges of the nails. This is what makes the nails consistent in terms of overall look. So, just in case you’re planning to buy the best nail file as a gift to your ever-consistent nail maintaining lover, here’s the best bet.

Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail File

Glass Nail Files by Bona Fide Beauty - Crystal Nail File - 1 Piece Black / Red Genuine Czech Glass

Let’s say you’re out looking for a nail file to be given as a gift or let’s just say your partner ordered you to get one for her. You went to the nearest available store and there you find a sea of a nail file. That’s going to get quite some time before you can pick one out. However, once you see the red and black combination of a nail file, don’t think twice about grabbing it as that’s the best nail file that you can get – the Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail File. It’s very easy to spot the Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail File with its 7 more different colors. The Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail File is made from the finest glass quality from the Czech Republic featuring smooth finish, nail care, for a gentle and hygienic nail care.

ClassyLady Crystal Glass Nails File

Crystal Glass Nails File - ClassyLady Professional Finger Nail Files, Color Double Sided Nail Care, Glass File Etched Pointed (Single)

Now, you might notice this but the markings and design cues that you see from a nail file holds relevance to those who know about a thing or two of it. Nail files aren’t just about the quality of the material but also the looks of one that provides premium quality to the user. And for the case of ClassyLady Crystal Glass Nails File, it’s about being a classy lady. Available in 8 different colors, the ClassyLady Crystal Glass Nails File features double-sided nail care and etched pointed file with all glass build. One of the beat features of the ClassyLady Crystal Glass Nails File is its durability that never wears even after multiple uses.

OPI Crystal Nail File

OPI Crystal Nail File

While most women opt for design and look above anything else when getting a nail file of their own, there are a few that looks beyond that category. Sometimes, cleaner and minimal is better. If you’re one of those minimalist people that can’t stand having a very frank design, you will want to get the OPI Crystal Nail File. Coming in two shades of white, the OPI Crystal Nail File holds glass from the back to the front end of the nail file. The OPI Crystal Nail File prevents any nail chipping and peeling and is 100 percent nonporous glass that can be disinfected and sanitized for safe use.


With all said and done, the best nail file is Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail File.