Best Needle Point Pens

Have you noticed your handwriting can change when you write bold pens compared to needlepoint pens? Some prefer to chunkier pens, but there are people who like the fine lines and curves when using needlepoint pens. If you’re part of the latter group of people then you probably have your fair share of favorite needlepoint pens that you frequently use. But if you’re on the lookout for the best needlepoint pen out there, here are some of the best ones on the market that you can find.

TUL GL1 Gel Pen Retractable Needle Point

The most popular and highly rated need point pen that you’ll find on the market is this product by TUL. The fine point of this pen is 0.7mm small. You can choose which color that you wanted but the most popular and highly used is the black ink of this product. It has a rubberized grip design that makes it comfortable and easy for you to handle while writing. The retractable tip makes it convenient. You don’t have to worry about losing the cap of your pen when you have a retractable pen. The smooth action when you write using this product is thanks to its amazing ballpoint.

Pentel New EnerGel Deluxe RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Another highly recommended fine need point pen that you can use is this product by the renowned brand Pentel. It has a retractable design that makes it easy for you to use. You don’t have to worry about the quality of this pen since it’s made of high-quality and durable materials. This is one of the finest need point pen out there with its 0.3mm needlepoint. The high technology ink of this product gives you smooth, smudge-free experience. When handling this product while writing it’s super comfortable thanks to its latex-free grip design.

OHTO Needle Point Knock Ballpoint Pen

The last product on our list might not have the highest rating but it’s a pretty decent needlepoint pen that you can get at such a low price. This one has a 0.7mm needle point diameter so you can expect to have a very find handwriting when using this product. It has a side-release design that’s very convenient to use. You can appreciate the great design of this product. When writing using this pen it’s very smooth and clean. Some people use this to write while others use this for its fine and precise lines and curves in a drawing. It’s one of the best pens out there at such a low price.


In choosing the best needle point pen you can choose how fine the needle point is with the various products available on the market. If you’re fine with a 0.7mm needle point then you can get the most popular one, but if you want a finer pen then you can get a 0.3mm one. It’s not just about the formula of the ink technology of the pen, it’s also about the quality of the overall product that you have to check.