Best Newborn Bassinets

Newborns can be quite sensitive and require a lot of different things such as a comfy and soft bassinet. These bassinets are made with softness and safety in mind. They’re built with canopies to protect babies from bright light and frames that can hold your baby, even if he or she’s 30 pounds heavy. These bassinets also have storage areas beneath them so it’s convenient to change diapers or prepare milk when it’s time. The list below shows the top 3 newborn bassinets in Amazon that parents have loved and highly recommend to other new parents as well.

Delta Children Bassinet

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Falling Leaves

This newborn bassinet from Delta Children is affordable and one of the best in the market. This is designed for infants up to 15 pounds. This bassinet is made with a steel frame and a polyester fiber pad, with a fabric sheet that’s completely washable. The frame is lightweight and easy to move from place to place. It also has a removable and adjustable canopy. It has a built-in nightlight and soothing music to help your baby sleep. The sleeping area is comfortable with the fitted sheet. It has two sections, one for the baby’s essentials and one for sleeping.

Dream On Me Bassinet

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet, Grey/Pink

Another great baby bassinet is this one from Dream On Me. It’s slightly more expensive than the previous bassinet but is still worth the money. This is made of polyester foam fabric that will be comfortable for your baby. It features a double canopy and a sleeping pad that your baby will easily get accustomed to. This bassinet is lightweight and very versatile so you can transport it from room to room and position it any way you like. It can hold newborns up to 25 pounds. It also has a storage area for baby essentials at the bottom of the bassinet.

Graco Newborn Bassinet

Graco Pack 'N Play with Newborn Napper Elite, Vance

Last but not the least is this Graco bassinet. It’s quite expensive but you won’t regret buying this one. It’s made with styled, velour fabric that will feel absolutely soft on the skin of your baby. This is also designed with a canopy that will shield your baby from bright light. It has a storage hamper that will hold clothes, diapers, and other essentials for you. This bassinet is ideal for babies up to 30 pounds. Not only is this great for newborns, you can also rearrange the bassinet so it can turn into a toddler’s crib.

What to look for

These bassinets have a lot of different features, so to narrow it down to the best one, here’s a list of things you can use to compare each one:

  • Design – check the design of the bassinet if it’s safe and it’s convenient for you. It must have a canopy and a storage area to help you keep your baby happy and healthy.
  • Mobility – can you easily move the bassinet from place to place? It’s an advantage if you can but it’s not necessary that it should be easy to transport.


With these bassinets, you’re assured that you won’t have such a hard time keeping your baby asleep.