Best Outdoor Brooms

The dirt inside our house is quite different from the kind outside, therefore, we need a different kind of broom. Outdoor brooms, nowadays, are designed with bristles that can speed up cleaning by targeting different kinds of problems at a time. These bristles also help you get those tiny particles that can get a little bit annoying to see. Not only that, they’re surface-friendly and can be used in different areas depending on you. The list below shows the top 3 outdoor brooms in the market that people have tried and proven to be effective.

O-Cedar Push Broom

O-Cedar offers a broom that works great for garages, sidewalks, decks, and other outdoor surfaces. It’s designed with two different kinds of bristles that will help speed up the cleaning process. The inner bristles, which are harder, sweep the large debris away while the outer bristles, the softer ones, will sweep up fine dirt particles. This 24-inch broom can be used on multiple surfaces because of its Maxi-Lok technology and anti-rotation socket. The broom head will never come loose on this broom so you can use it anywhere you like. This is completely eco-friendly and made with 80% recycled materials.

O-Cedar Outdoor Broom

O-Cedar offers another broom that is also quite easy to use and handy, not to mention cheaper than the previous broom. This angle broom is made with 80% recycled plastic bottles and recycled plastics. What sets this apart from the previous broom is that it has a cushioned grip so you can clean without having to feel so strained while holding the broom. The bristles on this product also sweep away heavy and wet debris altogether, making it one of the best brooms to use for cleaning your garage, sidewalk, deck, and other areas outside your house.

O-Cedar Angle Broom

Lastly, this is another broom from O-Cedar. This is an angled broom that is quite larger than the previous angle broom. It comes in 3 different sizes, 1, 3, and 4. This features a Flare-Tip technology at the end of the bristles that easily captures fine dust and particles, including hair. This is made with a sturdy block that is from 83% recycled plastic. You can use this either indoors or outdoors because it’s surface-friendly and cleans everything, everywhere. The angle on this broom can help you find leverage in case you need to clean more difficult areas.

What to look for

With several brooms in the market, you’re bound to be presented with a lot of options. Here’s a list of things to help you narrow it down to one:

  • Bristles – can the bristles clean easily and quickly? Some of these brooms take a lot of time to clean out specific areas so be sure to try them out before buying.
  • Handle – can you hold the broom properly? It’s also important that you’re comfortable when you’re cleaning so you can have a better output.
  • Size – although it doesn’t really matter, it all depends upon the areas that you’re going to clean and whether you find something smaller or bigger to be convenient.


Say goodbye to dirty outdoors with these outdoor brooms.